Last week's rankings in parentheses.

Biggest rise: New York Giants (16th to 9th)

Biggest fall: Green Bay (2nd to 10th)

1. Houston (1)-Texans have all the tools to reach the Super Bowl.

2. New England (3)-Pats can score 40 at will.

3. Denver (4)-Success won't mean anything if they fold in the playoffs.

4. Baltimore (5)-Fourth-and-29 will live in infamy.

5. Atlanta (6)-Five interceptions against Drew Brees.

6. San Francisco (7)-Eagles wish they had this kind of quarterback controversy.

7. Chicago (11)-Bears are a different team with Jay Cutler.

8. Cincinnati (12)-Sleeper team of the AFC.

9. New York Giants (16)-Giants ready to start rolling.

10. Green Bay (2)-Packers need defense to get healthy.

11. Indianapolis (13)-Someone forgot to tell Colts they were supposed to stink.

12. Tampa Bay (8)-Took Falcons to the wire.

13. New Orleans (9)-Can't compete with top teams.

14. Pittsburgh (10)-Eight turnovers against Browns.

15. Washington (18)-Redskins not out of division race.

16. Miami (22)-Ryan Tannehill is the answer.

17. Seattle (14)-Hope they at least got to see South Beach.

18. Minnesota (15)-Vikings are falling fast.

19. Dallas (20)-Cowboys have a chance to sweep Eagles.

20. Detroit (21)-At least Suh didn't get suspended.

21. St. Louis (25)-Two pick-6s for Janoris Jenkins.

22. Carolina (26)-Cam Newton dominated the Eagles' defense.

23. Tennessee (17)-Losing to Jaguars is never good.

24. Buffalo (19)-Bills need a new quarterback.

25. Cleveland (28)-Hard work finally paid off.

26. San Diego (23)-Good teams don't fall apart in the clutch.

27. Jacksonville (31)-Chad Henne is playing well.

28. New York Jets (27)-Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez will be gone.

29. Arizona (29)-At least they beat the Eagles.

30. Philadelphia (24)-Seven straight losses.

31. Oakland (30)-Longport's Jack Crawford has three tackles.

32. Kansas City (32)-Gave the Broncos a scare.

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