David Weinberg's weekly NFL team rankings

Quarterback Jay Cutler and the Bears are holding steady at No. 2 in the weekly rankings with a big game tonight against No. 5 Houston.

Staff Writer David Weinberg's weekly rankings (last week's ranking in parentheses)

Biggest rise: (tie) Seattle (24th to 16th), Carolina (30th to 22nd)

Biggest fall: New York Giants (3rd to 11th)

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1. Atlanta (1)–Halfway to perfection.

2. Chicago (2)––Building momentum.

3. San Francisco (4)–49ers well-rested for stretch run.

4. Green Bay (5)–Packers not challenged by Cardinals.

5. Houston (6)–Big game against Bears awaits.

6. Denver (7)–Fourth-quarter heroics help.

7. New England (8)–Pats usually play their best now.

8. Pittsburgh (9)–Paulsboro native Isaac Redman was big.

9. Baltimore (10)–Tenth straight win over Browns.

10. Indianapolis (11)–Streak of good Luck continues.

11. New York Giants (3)–Couldn't pull together down the stretch.

12. Tampa Bay (13)–Doug Martin ran wild.

13. Detroit (14)–Running game worked for a change.

14. San Diego (18)–Chargers aren't dead, yet.

15. New Orleans (20)–Seven sacks against the Eagles.

16. Seattle (24)–Russell Wilson's 13 TD passes tops among rookies.

17. Miami (12)–Couldn't keep up with streaking Colts.

18. Minnesota (14)–Adrian Peterson's effort wasted.

19. Philadelphia (16)Four straight losses.

20. Tennessee (17)–Don't remember the Titans.

21. New York Jets (21)–Rex Ryan might be in trouble.

22. Carolina (30)–Panthers finally avoid collapsing.

23. Washington (19)–Redskins are a year away.

24. Buffalo (22)–Couldn't hold on against Texans.

25. Dallas (23)–Jerry Jones may be the coach soon.

26. Cincinnati (25)–0-8 vs. Peyton Manning.

27. Cleveland (26)–10th straight loss to Ravens.

28. Oakland (27)–Comeback wasn't enough.

29. Arizona (28)–No match for elite teams.

30. St. Louis (29)–Rams just don't have enough talent.

31. Jacksonville (31)–Jaguars lost without Jones-Drew.

32. Kansas City (32)–May stay in basement for rest of season.

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