Doug Boehme, 15, of Brigantine, and Lexi Santer, 17, of Wilmington, Del., were the winners of the Atlantic City Pageant Ocean Swim on Saturday morning in Atlantic City.

Boehme was the overall winner in 28 minutes, 3 seconds. Santer was fourth overall in 30:56 and won the women's title for the third year in a row.

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Rob Dickson, 16, of Greenwich, was second overall in 28:13, and Kevin Gill, 16, of Seaville, was third in 29:18. Duaney Waltz, 14, of Mays Landing, was seventh overall and second for the women in 31:41. Laurie Hug, 48, of Ambler, Pa., finished eighth overall and was the third female finisher.

Age-group winners

1-12-Robert Boehme, Brigantine 40:54; Heidi Dickson, Greenwich 41:50. 13-14-Andrew Rattray, Bridgewater 36:04; Maggie Wallace, Ocean City 32:20. 15-16-Gus Anderson, Ardmore Pa., 31:30; Kristen Shema, Telford, Pa. 38:59. 17-19-Hailey Doyle, West Reading, Pa. 59:39. 20-29-Jeff Terrell, Linwood 34:51; Teresa Higgins, Whiting 1:00.11. 30-39-Jeffrey Dill, Mount Joy, Pa. 33:28; Shannon Lynch, Malvern, Pa. 41:41. 40-49-Ian Anderson, Ardmore, Pa. 34:19; Liz Casey, Beesleys Point 44:59. 50-59-Ron Marks, Beesleys Point 31:28; Susan Reich, Ocean City 37:54. 60-69-Jack Martin, Absecon 36:01; Ruth Bennett, Alexandria, Va. 1:02.04. 70-99-Dieter Wunderlich, Warren 1:06.51.

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