San Diego "charged" down the field all afternoon and its offense was even more high-powered than the Eagles, spoiling sensational showings from Vick, McCoy and Jackson.

Dear defense, I haven't had the displeasure of viewing a performance that obscene since Miley Cyrus at the (Video Music Awards). What a royal screw-up to leave Eddie Royal uncovered for a trio of touchdowns.

I'm concerned Chip Kelly consulted a dog-eared page from Andy Reid's tutorial on taking timeouts. That picture of Ozzy Osbourne on a placard held up to covertly call a play matches my mood because "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train" after this last-second loss.

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Where to start? First off, the game was nowhere near as close as the score. San Diego owned the clock and the Eagles' defense. The Eagles' secondary is real bad to begin with. To give any quarterback in the NFL enough time for a cup of coffee makes it impossible for any corner to cover a receiver that long. I don't care who it is. (An) F- (grade) to the Eagles' defensive game plan.

Next on the firing line is Desean Jackson! He quit on the team last year and half ran his routes. As far as I am concerned, that is the type of player you do not want on any young, rebuilding team.


Mays Landing

This game was fun to watch, but unfortunately the play calling at the end when you need to have a game-winning drive was shades of Andy Reid on the sidelines. Chip Kelly has brought fun football back to Philadelphia. Let's hope that the team can move on and learn from this and beat the Chiefs this week.



Well the excitement of the Chip Kelly era lasted one game. The offense was again dynamic even with Vick missing on some big plays, but the defense showed us why this is a six-win team.

The Chargers had one guy who could beat you in Antonio Gates, yet we never covered him. The "D" did the impossible and played as bad as last year's D. I love Chip Kelly, but his clock management was Reidesque.

This will be a fun team to watch, but they're still a terrible team with again the worst defense in football.



Last week, the defense almost blew the game. This week, they did. Someday they will learn how to tackle and keep the runner down. The offense did their job well. Hoping for 2 and 0 was just too much to ask for.



Well, I've heard of the no-huddle offense, but the no-defense defense? How can we enjoy the high-powered offense if the defensive guys hog all the playing time. Forget the timeouts, maybe Chip thinks you have to use them? I had them winning the first three and finishing 8-8. Looks like 7-9 now. Beat Andy and the Chiefs.


Ocean City

Win, lose or draw, this is a very exciting team to watch for a change.



The Eagles had a sad ending to what was a valiant effort by the offense. The defense allowed far too many pass completions and the linemen could not get close enough to scratch Phillip Rivers.


Egg Harbor Township

Wanted to thank DeSean Jackson for his hot-dogging that gave us the ball at the 50! Been a Charger fan for 35 years and the "experts" gave them no chance! Thank you Eagles! See you in San Diego in 2017!!! So much for jet lag!!!



Back to reality for the Eagles. An exciting game but too many opportunities and points left on the field. Vick racks up massive yardage but misses at least three touchdown passes that could have put the game out of reach. The defense returns to questionable at best and penalties hurt them. Looking a little typical of the Eagles but no doubt they are looking better than last year.


Beesley's Point

Exciting game, but the question arises? Was the spirit of Andy Reid present in the last two minutes of the game? Why did the Eagles call time out with the game on the line and the Chargers with the ball! Poor clock management would be my guess?

Another question, were the Eagles that good against the Redskins or were the Redskins just really bad?

Thursday the real Andy Reid will be back at the Lincoln, PLEASE don't make us sorry he left



Chip Kelly, Mondays Lesson : Tackling 101 on defense and time out control!



Very entertaining game until the last 2 minutes. Chargers dominated time of possession and kept the Eagles' weak defense on the field. The Eagles' secondary must have practiced holding their opponents' jerseys in practice because they are very good at it. The defense just could not stop Rivers from converting on third down. The Eagles have a high-powered offense, but rarely got on the field to showcase it.


Sea Isle City

Little pressure on Rivers all day. Can't stop Antonio Gates and you have our first loss. Can someone tell Cary Williams it's illegal to hold on to a player's jersey. Did Chip blunder on this one? That was some play at game's end!


Egg Harbor Township

It's the beginning of a long road and I think the Chip Kelly Era with be offensively minded but defense still wins games and this defense has a lot of holes to fill.



Well one part of your team plays well but the other plays very poorly. No matter what a loss is a loss. What was the defense doing on the field. Well me for one thinks nothing happened, so the Eagles lost with the same results. I believe the Eagles need to play great on both sides of the ball to win and they are not doing that. Can this team get better? That remains to be seen.


Surf City

The Eagles came close, but penalties and missed tackles by the defense played a big part in the loss to the Chargers. I remember that the team was not practicing tackling at the summer camp. Maybe that is the reason the defense did not do well. Practice makes perfect, but if you are a defensive football player, you should remember how that to do that even if you did not practice before hand. Grabbing an ankle is not a good way to tackle. Nine penalties in a game! The Eagles have to do better.


North Cape May

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