Eagles React: Readers chime in on Foles, inept Giants, more

The Philadelphia Eagles’ Vinny Curry forces New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning to throw during the fourth quarter Sunday in East Rutherford. Manning threw three fourth-quarter interceptions.

Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles' 36-21 win over the New York Giants.

East Rutherford police should arrest the referees for robbing the Eagles of an obvious safety, although the Birds didn't need the two points since Eli Manning was gift-wrapping interceptions, as he has all season.

Bravo, Brandon Boykin, for ripping a reception away from Victor Cruz and proving the secondary has a pulse.

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The Eagles all but shoveled dirt onto the Giants, burying them at the bottom of the division. Rest in pieces, G-Men. The Super Bowl will be in your building, but in order to go, you'll need to buy tickets.



I can't help but think the Giants' season is starting to mirror the Eagles' season of last year. That team is showing its age, and maybe Tom Coughlin's message is starting to turn stale.

The good news is, it puts the division seemingly up for grabs now that the Eagles are suddenly 2-0 against the NFC East.


Mays Landing

What a disappointing game for the Giants. It could be said "so what if the Eagles did win? They beat a team that was 0-4." But the Eagles did play football today both offensively and defensively.

Surprise of the day - how well Foles performed. It was a good game. A turning point for the Eagles? Hope so.


North Cape May

Well, beating a bad team is certainly better than losing. The Eagles are less awful than the Giants. Foles came in for an injured Vick and played very well. The defense capitalized on the generosity of Eli Manning.

The Eagles have been dreadful, but with Dallas having lost, they are tied for first place. Not sure what that means, but it sure sounds good.



Good all-around effort by the team! Chip Kelly called a nice game,a nd Foles showed that he can replace Mike Vick when needed. Billy Davis tightened up the defense, and Boykin showed he is a good player. And how about the interception stripping of Victor Cruz!

An enjoyable day of football Eagles Fans



Team Mediocre beats Team Atrocious, but, hey, a win is a win. Thank you, Eli Manning!


Egg Harbor Township

The Eagles actually played a team with a worse defense than they have, a Giants team that is now 0-5. No salsa dancing today! The season is not over in the NFC Least. The Eagles are still in the race for the playoffs as their schedule is favorable with a lot of bad teams still to play.


South Egg Harbor

The Eagles are still trying to find themselves and the Giants are all but done. The defense looked better today.

When they got pressure on Manning, he was done. Foles came in and did a nice job when Vick went down. But getting the turnovers, I think, was the biggest thing for the Eagles today. We live for another week. Go, Birds.



A win on the road against a bad team. Let's see if we can do it again next week at Tampa.Who is going to start at QB ? Is Matt Barkley warming up his arm ye ?



Yes, this was a better game. The Eagles played well enough to win. The defense was somewhat better. Both Eagles quarterbacks did a good job.

We have been waiting for some time to see this type of game. As always, go, Eagles!


Surf City

Both teams are like Swiss cheese on defense. At the start of the game, I was, "Oh, no, here we go again. Peyton must have called his brother and said, "Throw slants all day. They can't defend it."

Again it was successful for first downs and touchdowns. If we don't stop that play, we are toast.

But a win over a bad Giants team we will take any time.



More than anything else, turnovers killed the Eagles in 2012. In 2013, turnovers have been nemesis of the Giants. That was today's story also. At least for the season so far, Eli Manning has turned into a turnover machine.



The difference between Vick and Foles is like night and day. Foles can't really run, but both of his TD passes were beauties.

The defense finally came up with some key plays. That's encouraging. And being undefeated in the division is as sweet as watching Eli's long, sad face on the sidelines. That poor elite quarterback.


Galloway Township

Is there anything better than the looks on Tom Coughlin's and Eli Manning's faces when things go badly?



The Eagles' 'D' finally stepped up and came through.

If the Birds can keep this going, they will be a team to be taken seriously the rest of the season. On the downside, it was only the

0-4 Giants we beat.


Somers Point

Foles looked good. He understands the offense better than Vick does. Vick will be back, but it looks good for the future.



Forget 9-7, this division might have a 6-10 or 7-9 winner. Andy Reid and Chip Kelly both call Vick a great quarterback. I say he is mediocre, middle of the pack. I guess I know more than the coaches!



The Eagles' 'D' finally stepped up and came through. The secondary that has been awful looked like a first-class unit. Vick was the main cog in the offensive machine the entire first half until he got hurt and had the leave the game. Foles came in cold and looked like a starter that has been playing all season.

If the Birds can keep this going, they will be a team to be taken seriously the rest of the season. On the downside. it was only the 0-4 Giants we beat.


Somers Point

Well, mercifully, we beat the "Heaven Help Us" Giants. A win is a win. Foles exemplified what a backup quarterback should be, and DeSean Jackson demonstrated some maturity and had a commendable performance. Hopefully this is a portent of things to come.


Egg Harbor Township

A nice and much-needed win for the Eagles. I am not going to get sucked in to the hype just yet. They need to beat the Bucs, Cowboys and complete the sweep over the Giants before I will allow myself to do that.

The defense made some plays for a change, but at the same time it struggled vs. the pass. They HAVE to get more pressure on the QB. The offense looked good at times also. Not sure how long Vick is out, but I think Foles should play vs. a winless Tampa team to get Vick right for Dallas and the Giants at home.

The Eagles can actually be in first place tonight, and all things considered, I will take that ! E-A-G-L-E-S , IGGLES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mays Landing

Well, they pulled this must win out but never can they do it with grace or style. Even against a horrible Giants team the Eagles had my brain cramping until the fourth quarter. The defense is not showing any great improvement and can't defend the slant ever.

Even though Vick did damage with his legs, how does he not complete a pass until the second quarter? And now the inevitable QB controversy will start up. I will take the win, but they never make it easy.


Beesleys Point

It's a win, and there was nothing pretty about it at all. The defense played well and forced Eli to throw three interceptions. You haven't seen them play like that all year. The third quarter was a little scary to watch, but the team responded and came back in the fourth quarter and put the game away.

Coach Kelly has a decision to make: Do you continue to let Vick play and have him be your leading rusher every week? Or do you let Foles play and let him be your true quarterback - not a combination of running back/quarterback?



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