Eagles fans sit in the stands after the team lost its playoff game against the Saints on Saturday night at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Press readers share their views, via email, about the Philadelphia Eagles' 26-24 playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints.

While the Eagles performed beyond my expectations this season, I can't help but feel terribly disappointed in how they performed during their loss to the Saints. Had they played even just a normal defensive game, they would have won.

I really believe the Eagles had the better team, and while the players did make their share of mistakes, the defensive coordinator never adjusted his scheme to control the Saints' ground game. Sean Payton once again outcoached the Eagles staff.

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On the bright side, I think if the Eagles continue their progress and supplement their team with additional quality draft picks, a pass rusher and strong safety among them, we should be rooting for a Super Bowl contender in the very near future.

Go, Eagles!


Sea Isle City

The Eagles' season is over, and the "Saints go marching on" (into Seattle).

What else would you expect if you cannot establish the run with the league's top running back against a less-than-stellar run defense? Add to that the inability to stop the run of a team not known for its running game and playing without its starter, and the result is predictable.

It was a memorable season, however, so we have much to look forward to in September.

Thanks, Chip, now draft some hungry pass rushers!


Egg Harbor Township

That was the worst way to be kicked out of the playoffs (pun intended, pain unexpected). Good thing I was given a stress ball for Christmas. I'll be squeezing it until September.



Though I still can't stop chanting "miss it, miss it, miss it," it could have been worse. I could have been born a Kansas City Chiefs fan.



This game had to much hype about the cold weather. We should learn that any NFL team can win a game no matter what.

Now, for sure, the Eagles know what they must do to win in the NFL. The offseason for us has just started.

Do you really thinks the Saints can beat the Seahawks?

Go, Eagles!


Surf City

The Saints can't play on the road? I say the Eagles can't win at home! Third consecutive year that the Eagles lost more games at home than they won! Case closed.



It's a sad night for Eagles fans. Such high hopes. We had our chances - a couple of turnovers, some great plays, but just came up a bit short against a Saints team that maybe had more to prove. Their defense was very good,and Drew Brees is one of the best QBs in the league. Nick Foles can get better.

But this season was such a big step forward with a new coach, new quarterback and a whole new philosophy. It's exciting, and we have good reason to look forward to next season's trip to the Super Bowl.


Galloway Township

Three-for-12 on third downs was the story of the game. Kelly makes too many amateur calls. In the NFL, not going for the easy field goal will always come back to haunt you.

Looks good for next year.



Disappointed. Our season is over. But we got one more game than we thought we would get during midseason when things didn't look that good.

The Eagles came out flat. There were too many three-and-outs, and you needed to put points on the board. The defense couldn't pull another miracle this week.

This season had a lot of ups and downs, but there was improvement over last year. I'm looking forward to football next season.



This was a sad ending to an exciting season. The defense just could not hold the lead. The Eagles' offense played well enough to win, but there were obviously too many defensive challenges.

The Eagles' defense failed to stop the Saints' running game, and this loss was the result.

Unfortunately, Sean Payton put together a better game plan than Chip Kelly. However, if anything is learned from this, the Eagles will have a better season next year.


Egg Harbor Township

Bend-and-don't-break Eagles defense. Well, they broke as they could not stop the Saints, and time runs out on the season. Kelly says he does not care about time, but his team did not have the ball enough to win the game today.

The future looks good for the Eagles. They know they need to fix the secondary in order to move on in playoff football.


South Egg Harbor

Experience ,experience experience I think that is what won this game Brees and Payton did a better job at coaching and quarterback. Our boys didn't look sharp on offense - very flat. The defense hung in first half, but the Saints made the adjustments at half.

It was a good year ,and it will only get better in the future.

We believe in these Eagles!



The Eagles lost to the Saints because the couldn't stop the run. Run-stoppers Vinny Curry (a future all-star) was on the bench for most of the game, and Fletcher Cox, being a rookie, I guess can be excused.

The Saints established their running game early. Their running backs, who were all about 5-foot-6, ran forward when we hit them. QB Drew Brees simply ran the ball most of the time, used short passes and threw down-the-field occasionally to win the game. You've got to stop the running game!

They stopped our one-back running game and managed to beat us by just two points. On offense, we have to throw the ball more than 5 yards if it's third down and we need 8 yards for a first down.

Look for 2014 to be the Eagles' year, maybe the Super Bowl. We are getting to that level. We were 2013 NFC East champions.


Ocean City


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