Eagles React: Readers glad this mess of a season finally over

Giants fullback Henry Hynoski catches a pass for his first NFL touchdown near the Eagles’ Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on Sunday in East Rutherford. Eli Manning became the first quarterback to throw five TD passes against the Eagles in one game since Joe Montana did it in 1989.

Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Eagles' season-ending 42-7 loss to the Giants on Sunday.

Why wait? It's halftime, 35-7, feelin' good!

Funny thing - the announcers and halftime guys keep asking why the Giants haven't scored points like this lately. Maybe the fact that they weren't playing this awesome "Gang Green" defense! Defense? What defense?

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Michael Vick is back to throwing picks and hanging his receivers out to dry! Most fun Iggles season I've had in a long time!



This game proves just how bad we really are. The new coach will have his work cut out for him to try and rebuild this rag-tag team. Where do you start and how long will it take to again be a contender in our division?

They can't tackle, defend the pass or hold onto the ball, and it has been like that all year. Andy Reid hasn't been good since Jim Johnson passed away.The defense back then could always keep them in the game. How we miss that. Right now, the future is very bleak.

Maybe the Phillies can get us back up with a great season.



Thank goodness this season has come to an end, and hopefully changes are coming to the entire team.

Jeffrey Lurie, this game should have proven to you that change has to happen. Reid has been a terrific coach, but his time in Philly has to be over.

The Eagles can't go 4-12 and think this is a good team. As a season-ticket holder, I demand change because this team STINKS!



Andy, you mailed in the season. Most of your decisions were came out wrong. Your defense didn't help you out at the end.

It's over.

Next year, new regime, new scheme, maybe even some new heart.

As I write this, the Eagles punted from inside Giants territory down 35-7. They have given up, and so have I.

Good luck elsewhere, Andy Reid and Mike Vick, wherever you land.



Nothing like losing big if you are going to lose. What a terrible season for the Eagles. Can they regroup and come back next year with a winning team?

My opinion is that it will take two or three years before any great improvement is evident.

They could use a great quarterback and an offensive line that protects the quarterback at least most of the time.

And everyone seems to think that a new coach is going to make a major difference. Time will tell. Win or lose, keep on cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Happy New Year to all.


North Cape May

Oh, Andy, this is not how it was suppose to end. Thanks for the exciting seasons, but in the end it just wasn't working out.

Goodbye, coaching staff. I suggest you all go your separate ways because together it isn't working.

Finally, goodbye to half of the team because you STUNK this season and you put a big fat exclamation point on it with the way you played(or didn't play) today. I was falling asleep by halftime.

Hello, good draft placement, and hello to new beginnings. This offseason will be more exciting then the season was.



Finally, it's over and it ended the way it should have. No offense, no defense, no points, no emotion, no heart. Lots of penalties, dropped balls, missed tackles, missed assignments. And to see Andy just standing there with that look on his face shows a change is needed.



Wow! A season gone up in smoke! Since Juan Castillo was fired, this team QUIT! Today was proof. This team embarrassed the fans and the coaches, especially on Coach Reid's possibly final game.

Mr Lurie, please turn this team around with proper draft choices and real free agents, not the dogs of the last couple of years and not with Howie Roseman's picks!



This game was certainly a fitting way for the Eagles to end the season. It had everything we've become accustomed to: poor play selection, costly turnovers, missed tackles, penalties and blown assignments.

Let's hope that Lurie doesn't disappoint us in the next day or so by keeping Andy. He's a good man and a very good coach, but 14 years without winning a Super Bowl is enough time for anyone.



Glad it's over. The beating today described our whole season. Pathetic defense. Vick is not the answer. Reid doesn't put the players in the right positions to make a play.



I thought the Phillies had the worst season in recent memory, but after this disgraceful season by the Eagles, the Phillies' season looked like they were the 2012 World Series champions.


Somers Point

Today's loss was an embarrassing end to an awful season. The players who said they supported Andy throughout the season didn't show up today to support their coach in his last game of the season.

I wasn't a Reid fan for the past two years, but if you are going to fire your coach, I feel that some of the players who didn't play the entire season shouldn't be back next season.

I hope Mr. Lurie brings in a coach who loves this team as much as Andy did.

Thank you, Andy, for those good years of football. Maybe we would have won the Super Bowl if the other team didn't cheat and their coach played with heart. As an Eagles fan, I appreciate what you tried to do in Philadelphia. Good luck.



A fitting end to a terrible season by a team that has been horrible in all three facets of the game all year. I can't even say "wait until next season" because who can tell what the future is for the Eagles? The entire coaching staff likely will undergo major, and there is not even a clear choice for a quarterback.

The defense, especially the secondary, needs to be upgraded, and the offensive line is a mess. At least a decent draft pick is intact and the Phillies are on the way.


Beesleys Point

The game quickly deteriorated after the Eagles surprised the Giants with a successful game-opening onside kick. Rather than play their hearts out for Andy, the the Eagles seemed more intent on not getting hurt and getting the game over with.

The Eagles' roster is full of players short on talent, character, and pride - players who should not be with this team next year. The Eagles need to use their high draft picks to rebuild this team from the inside out, starting with the offensive line.


Sea Isle City

Same old, same old. Certainly glad this season is over.When you leave, Mr Vick, take the whole coaching staff with you. Also, the little guy, DeSean Jackson.

The defensive backfield needs a complete overhaul. They got their money and laughed all the way to the bank. Let's hope that we have a better year in 2013.

Happy New Year.



So much for the team playing to win for their "great" coach! They have a really funny way of showing their appreciation.

I think the Eagles need a "clean sweep down, fore and aft," as my career military Dad used to say.

Time for Jeffrey Lurie to put up or shut up.

Have a safe and Happy New Year.



If nothing else, this games underlines how drastic this team is in need of a major overhaul. Keep LeSean McCoy, Brent Celek and Jeremy Maclin and rebuild the rest of the team.

Well, until next September ... .


Galloway Township

The 2012 Eagles have suffered more setbacks than Andrew Bynum. Now that the season is officially over (and some would say it's been over for months), it's time to demolish this team, both in the front office and on the field. I'll bring the wrecking ball. How soon can we start?



There is no joy in Mudville today. The U-hauls were packed and warming up. Whoever made the draft picks for the Eagles in 2012 should have been fired a month ago. Don't talk about injuries; all teams have them. Andy said this was on him, and so it is.

Adios, Andy.



Only one team came to play today. Reid has completely lost this team, despite what the players say.

Time to move on to 2015. It will take that long to rebuild.


Galloway Township

After listening to the depressing first quarter on the radio en route to join friends for lunch, I decided to enjoy the company instead of following game results. Thankfully, the meal was great!


Egg Harbor Township

Here it is the beginning of the third quarter and the Eagles are down by four touchdowns. See you next year.

Good job for 14 years, Andy.



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