Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles' 16-14 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Boy, you could smell this one coming a mile away.

Michael Vick has got to improve his ball protection, as usual, and what happened to our defense in the last six minutes? It played well throughout the game until it really counted, and then, whammo! It quit.

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Poor clock management again bit us in the butt. The challenge was, I thought, a bona fide one, but the wasted timeout after that was a killer. The offense has to be able to put more than just two really good drives together during 60 minutes of football.

A very disappointing loss.



The Eagles finally lost a game that they should have won. As a Giants fan, we've got you right were we want you -tied for first! I can't wait for Dec. 30.



Vick and Juan Castillo - a very bad combination to win with. Vick has shown over and over again that he's just not smart enough to be a good QB, and Castillo has clearly shown he may be even dumber. He is getting no pass rush all game but is too dumb to realize he needs to blitz.

This was a very winnable game, but with a QB who has no idea how to protect the ball and a defensive coordinator too dumb to make adjustments, it goes down as another awful loss.



Poor all around: poor play-calling, poor blocking, poor tackling, poor clock management, timeout management and poor QB play.

Why Andy Reid refuses to give LeSean McCoy the ball at the goal line is beyond me. Vick is a turnover waiting to happen, and once again he fumbled the game away. Somehow he gets a 104 rating for this game.

Defensively, no pressure all day on Big Ben. Couldn't get a stop when needed. Am I the only one who thinks that we paid way too much for No. 24? He is supposed to be a shutdown corner. I want No. 22 back. He couldn't tackle, but at least he could shut down a receiver and get turnovers!

Now I have to listen to the Walrus talk about how they have to do a better job and clear his throat a million times.


Mays Landing

Missed opportunities. We have to get Vick out of the bakery so that he will stop making turnovers. And the offensive line needs to take Vick off of the hit parade.


Egg Harbor Township

The Eagles played well enough in the second half to win this game, but they didn't. No pressure on the Steelers' QB, and he just picked them apart at the end.



Thank you, Mr. Vick. You really blew this game. Two fumbles, and that equals two touchdowns that were not made. Maybe you should go back to school and learn the right way to carry a football.



I've come to the conclusion that watching the Eagles play is like watching a train wreck! You don't want to look at the wreckage, but you just can't help yourself!

Andy Reid better start looking for another job, and he can take his franchise player Vick with him!



It's difficult to win when the person who handles the ball on every offensive play cannot hold onto the ball.

This game would have been very different if Vick didn't fumble on the 1-yard line.

The left side of the offensive line is very poor, and why can't we find a couple of kick returners who can give us some decent field position?


Sea Isle City

Is Jeff Lurie writing checks to the referees or what? A terribly called game, but somehow the Steelers overcame all the ridiculous calls and noncalls to win!



Vick's two fumbles cost them the game. The Eagles had the upper hand, so why was the call for Vick to carry? I call it a dumb play.

The Eagles' defense in the second half was lethargic, and as usual the offensive line left Vick on the ground more than necessary.

Got to do better, guys.


North Cape May

It's about time the Eagles' tendency to show up for only the second half caught up to them. While at times I see a strong football team with a potent offense and good defense, I also see a team that lacks or seems to lack the dedication and motivation to be a true contender.

If they show up for the whole game against Detroit next week, there is no doubt in my mind that they can win! Go, Eagles!


Egg Harbor Township

The Eagles had a chance to score early and establish some momentum in this game, but Michael Vick's inability to protect the ball hurt them. The offense did have a better second half but could not pull it out again.

The defense had a chance to hold on for the win but could not hold Pittsburgh in the final drive. They were having a tough time tackling today, also. In addition, Rothlisberger's supernatural ability to avoid the sack and make a play was a huge factor. Credit to the Steelers.


Beesleys Point

Not as bad as the loss two weeks ago. Where was the Eagles' defense today ? Good job going on fourth-and-1 twice, Andy . Both teams looked terrible.



Short and sweet: no blitz, a Swiss-cheese offensive line, corners who cannot tackle, no defensive line pressure, Coach "I've Got To Do A Better Job" Reid and his timeout management, and let's not forget "Butterfingers" Michael Vick!

Jeffrey Lurie, please start the coaching interviews now!



This Eagles loss can be blamed on Vick's inability to hold onto the ball in the red zone and the defense not stopping Pittsburgh on the final drive.

I am questioning the play-calling by the coaching staff and Vick's ability to execute the plays. Can he execute the plays being called or is it the coaching staff not setting the offense up with the right plays for the conditions of the game and the team they are playing?

I know Mr. Lurie said that 8-8 is not enough for Reid to keep his job, but I would let Andy go even with a winning record. As an Eagles fan, I am tired of watching the same scenario playing out each and every week.



Smoking mirrors have cracks in them. If the refs weren't wearing green, this game may have been ugly.



How big was that Vick fumble at the 1-yard line? Where was our offensive line the first three quarters? Vick is getting hit too many times.



Oh, when the Eagles frequently fumble

Like a crushed cookie, they crumble

And akin to a gawky gymnast, they tumble

Which causes frustrated fans to grumble.



It's hard to have confidence in a quarterback who fumbles, and Michael Vick fumbles way too much. And those costly turnovers were just too much to overcome.

LeSean McCoy was amazing again and gave the Eagles a chance to pull this one out. But the hole was too deep to climb out of this time.

Tough loss to a tough team.


Galloway Township

The Eagles' defense has been playing excellent football. On the other hand, Michael Vick has become a turnover machine. The Steelers won it with a last-second field goal and were the better team.

This was one loss where the Eagles really played well enough to win and should be proud of themselves.



Tough game!Tough game to lose.

Mendenhall carried the Steelers to victory. The wide-nine couldn't get them off the field. Third-down efficiency killed the Eagles. Vick's first-half fumble killed the touchdown that would have won it.


Town Bank

This time the Vick fumbles caught up with the Eagles. You can get away with that against bad teams but not against the good teams. He needs to find away to protect the ball.

This was a game the Eagles should have won.


Mays Landing

This was not a pretty game by any stretch on either side. My question is: How many times will they allow the offense to turn the ball over before they make changes?

Apparently Andy Reid couldn't run the ball two weeks in a row, wasting McCoy again.



A regrettable quarterback draw call and that subsequent fumble by Vick in the end zone cost our guys a touchdown and possibly the game. You've got the best back in the league and you have your fumble-prone QB try to run it in on first down from the 3. What were you thinking Coach Reid?


Egg Harbor Township

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