Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Eagles' 17-16 win over Cleveland.

The Eagles won this one despite their best efforts to lose it. The offensive performance can only be described as pathetic. You cannot have watched this game and not been disturbed by it. They should have crushed this team.

Michael Vick was clearly out of rhythm and made consistently poor decisions when throwing the ball. In addition, the Eagles have one of the best running backs in the NFL but did not use him effectively and he still managed to run for more than 100 yards.

I put that on Andy Reid. When your quarterback is struggling, run the ball!

The defense pulled them through this game.

The Ravens will eat them alive if they do not play better and smarter next week. Typical Eagles football. I can't stand it.


Beesleys Point

Though Vick performed like a QB who missed most of the preseason, it was the offensive line playing like a row of Clint Eastwood chairs that really hurt our team today.



For most of the game, Vick looked like a pastry chef on the Food Network. All he seemed to be able to do was flip turnovers. Some late-game heroics won the day, but the fans deserve a much better effort from a $100 million dollar quarterback.


Egg Harbor Township

Last year, I could understand mistakes and penalties due to the lockout, new coaches and new players. This year it should be different, but the game did not go that way.

The Eagles stopped themselves with penalties and turnovers. Vick does not look sharp or have any rhythm. When Nick Foles ran the offense (in the preseason), you could see that he got rid of the ball very quickly and on target.

I know it will not happen, but I would like to see what he could do. Vick cannot handle the blitz - not last year, not this year. This game should be fantastic, but it is gut-wrenching. $100 million for what?



OMG! I love the Eagles, but if anyone starts with that "we're going to the Super Bowl" nonsense, they better rethink that. This will be about keeping Andy employed because 8-8 ain't gonna cut it!

Do ya hear that No. 7?



Four interceptions and two touchdowns. And people were wondering if the Jets would ever score?

It'll be written that this was a good comeback, intestinal fortitude, et cetera. But it was the Browns'.

If this keeps up, Jeff Lurie may go through two divorces this year.



Dream Team, indeed.

Vick had over 300 yards passing and only 10 points at the time. Yikes!

They beat the mighty Browns and that great QB Brandon Weeden.

I hope it gets better. They will say how well they played on defense, but the Browns were inept.



I don't like the way the Eagles' offense looks. Almost every play seems to be a scramble with players running haphazardly all over the place. The Eagles rarely move the ball methodically down the field with any consistent rhythm.

Too many turnovers again, just like last year. Sorry to say that with all the talk of improvements, it looks like a continuation of last season. They're lucky they won.


Sea Isle City

Too many mistakes, interceptions and penalties before the quarter. Hopefully, they look better next week.



OMG! I love the Eagles, but if anyone starts with that "we're going to the Super Bowl" nonsense, they better rethink that. This will be about keeping Andy employed because 8-8 ain't gonna cut it!

Do ya hear that No. 7?



An ugly, ugly, ugly win!

Twelve snaps in preseason for Michael Vick and it shows. You would think he was on the Browns' payroll.

Four interceptions, bad throws, an important missed field goal and bad penalties show one thing: Get two bus tickets out of town for Coach Reid and his No. 1 quarterback.

Hats off to the defense for keeping us close. Looks like a big improvement from last year's defense.



Well I don't know which was worse: Listening to the first half on the radio or watching the second half at home.

This was an ugly win and the Eagles still have a lot of work ahead of them.

Again, sloppy playing and too many penalties. Just like last season. On the plus side: clock management, especially the last 6 minutes of the game, and the Eagles' defense. I hope next week's home opener shows some improvement.




There really is only one question that needs to be answered this season: Can Vick lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance?

My response after today's game? A qualified "no!" He's spectacular at times but inconsistent, injury-prone and looks like a wounded antelope running away from a hungry lion on just too many occasions. Lions usually get their prey.


Egg Harbor Township

Even though they won, what a disgrace! I hope that this game was not a preview of the remainder of the season. If it was, we are in real trouble.

Vick looks like a confused rookie and is going to have us fans screaming for Foles, the real rookie quarterback.



I have been looking at a football game, one team with a bunch of rookies and the other team with a supposedly experienced team. Big joke.

Vick throws four interceptions, there is a fumble and a bad field-goal try.

In the preseason, Foles and Trent Edwards were able to get rid of the ball in a hurry, while in this game Vick is running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He really has a tough time seeing over his players.

And all the penalties didn't help.

Andy, 8-8 for a season looks good right now. If this is the best the offense can play, you have a definite problem. Maybe you should start looking at the help-wanted ads. I would love it if you make me eat my words.

The only bright spot was the defense. I know you can say "a win is a win," but this win was not a good one.



Wow. The Eagles needed 60 minutes to beat the Browns. How many are they going to need to take on NFL teams that are actually going to have a winning record this season?

As another season begins, we can only hope that today's lackluster performance was just a fluke and that our Birds will pull themselves together for the rest of the year.


Egg Harbor Township

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