Eagles React: Readers patient with Foles but done with Reid and Vick

The Cowboys’ Dez Bryant, left, scores a touchdown on a 30-yard pass against the Eagles’ Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie during the second half of their game Sunday in Philadelphia. Dallas tied the game at 17-all with the point-after kick.

Press readers share their opinions, via e-mail, abou the Philadelphia Eagles' 38-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

It's a wrap, ladies and gentleman! Sign Chucky now!


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Mays Landing

The "Cowgirls?" If they're girls, what does that make the Eagles, who are routinely picked to go 11-5 or 12-4 year after year by people who continue to pick this team every week to win?

News flash! They are 3-6 and more overrated than the Phillies, if that's possible. Heh-heh.



Boy, I haven't seen an Eagles team this well-coached since Joe Kuharich or Ed Khayat or Mike McCormack or even Rich Kotite.

Hey, Jeffrey Lurie, please add Andy Reid's name to this list of ex-Eagles coaches.

Hope Foles is not another Bobby Hoying.


Egg Harbor Township

I think this game finally put the fork into Reid: He's done.



A lack of discipline cost us another game. Andy once again says it is on him. No kidding. Time is running out on his tenure as head coach. It is so painful to watch our defense being burnt time after time.



Well, I didn't expect this game to be any different from the last seven.  The defense did look a little better then usual.

Thank goodness Dallas made a lot of penalties or else we wouldn't have the points that we did manage to receive. Foles is the future of the Eagles.



Even when the Eagles show noticeable improvement, they find a way to lose. An interesting turn of events, though, with the injury to Vick. Might as well let Foles play now and get some experience since the season is pretty much lost. He can only get better.

The Eagles had the golden opportunity to move up in the standings the past two weeks but just couldn't put it together. This team is broken on many levels.

Say goodnight, Andy. Hello, Gruden?


Beesleys Point

Foles is the only reason to continue to watch this wretched team. The coach is gone, and I guess that is also something to get excited about.

This is the softest and dumbest Eagles team I have ever seen. Foles looked good at times and looked like a rookie at other times. Let him get experience this year and hopefully next year with a new coach he will be ready to excel.



A for Asomugha, B for Bell, C for Castillo, D for Danny Watkins. You could run through the alphabet and list all the bad decisions Reid has made these last couple of seasons. It's time for Andy to go.


Sea Isle City

The highlights: Nick Foles got in the game and the entire team played great for a total of 10 minutes! The lowlights: the rest of the game! Don't blame the kid. This team stinks.

On the way out the door, Andy, Marty, Howie and Michael, don't forget to take King Dumb-luck and Jason Invisible Babin with you. Thirteen penalties by the Cowboys and we still can't win.

Come home, Chucky Gruden!



This is simply another verse of the same sad song. The Eagles have set many records this season, but they have been all negative: the first five-game losing streak, the most hits on the quarterbacks, the most times having to hear Reid say we have to do a better job.

Let's face it, you can stick a fork in these Birds because they are done.


Egg Harbor Township

Lurie has one hell of a rebuilding job to do. Very little talent on this team.

Andy was great for 10 years, but I'm afraid it will take almost that long for the winning to resume.


Ocean City

The NFC East stinks. I thought I was watching a train wreck. Are false starts a new play? Heck, there were about 13 of them on both sides. The Cowboys didn't play much better.

The wide-nine should be junked - everyone runs on it. Poor depth is Andy's fault. He put this mess together, offense and defense. They bottled the Cowboys up in the third and then all heck breaks out.




Break out the flat champagne and wilted flowers, now the Eagles have lost five in a row under Reid. It seems even ignominious records were meant to be broken. Let me guess what Reid will say at his press conference: "I've got to do a better job." No, you've got to find another job.

Concussions come when you routinely refuse to slide feet first, Vick, but you're not alone: This team causes our head to hurt, too.



Bye-bye, Andy. You can't beat the disorganized Cowboys. You're toast. Blame your defense. Couldn't tackle Romo and that led to the three-TD turnaround.

Wait'll next year. My money is on Gruden.



Stick with the kid at QB, Andy, and see if the 76ers will take King Dunlap off your hands for a draft choice. This season is toast!


Egg Harbor Township

We stink! One problem solved (QB). Now we have to get rid of the other clowns (coaches) and start to rebuild.

Bye, Andy, bye, on the road to misery!



Nobody cares! The players don't care, the coaches don't care, the owner sure doesn't care, so now it's time for the fans not to care!

Hit Lurie in the wallet, and maybe he'll pay attention.

Nick Foles did a good job for a rookie but didn't get much help from anyone. Don't care if Michael Vick ever comes back, and it will be a good day when we see the last of Reid!



Yes, we have an offensive line that has been depleted by injuries, but to be perfectly honest, the Eagles are just not that good this year.



Five straight games lost so far. Foles did a good job and will get better with each game, but Reid is probably not going to be around next year. Vick will not be finishing the year out with a concussion, and the question is will he be back next year?

The Eagles needed to win this game, but they did try.


North Cape May

The Giants lost today and the Eagles had a chance to gain some ground in the division. Now they are two losses away from a new coach, but who's counting? And this season just went from bad to worse. This team has no heart.

The positive from this game: Foles was exciting to watch and showed poise and confidence. The defense did sack Tony Romo and then went back to playing awful, like it normally does. The rest of the game could be a copy-and-paste from every week: Poor time management, special teams, play-calling, the defense's inability to stop the pass and tackle to finish a play, and finishing a game.

Reid needs to let Foles continue to play and stop being adamant about who his starting QB is.



Two swinging doors at tackles (Demetress Bell and Dunlap) prevent any continual advance by the offense; poor tackling by our vaunted cornerbacks; lousy play-calling by our offensive coordinator (and he is offensive); bad special teams, and no character in other aspects of the team all will keep the Eagles far from the playoffs.

Goodbye, Andy. It has been a long but not a good run. Sorry, Vick, for your pain.


Town Bank


OMG! It was the worst of times, it was the best of times, but in this case it was another one of those times where I wonder how much longer this Eagles team can go on this season with the way they play the game.

I mean, seriously, the Eagles were managing things, eh ... not too shabbily, and then they let, like, two minutes of amazing breaks happen to the guys who wear that star. And they do it at home.

Well, I guess the race for last place happens in D.C. next week.



Foles enters the game and Eagle fans are excited that maybe a new era is beginning before their eyes - only to be treated to a mistake-ridden blowout.

Even if this team could tackle, block and protect the quarterback, the coaching staff needs a serious overhaul - starting at the top.

Time is not yours anymore, Andy.


Galloway Township

Win or lose this game, I don't think this team is good enough to make the playoffs. It comes down to coaching. I know the O-line has been decimated, but you need to have players who can step in and do the job.

The defense is out-coached every week, and they are confused. We have some good players, but they need to be put in better schemes. It is time for some new ideas and new enthusiasm.What do you think Jeff Lurie thinks?



Here it is again in the fourth quarter, down by two touchdowns because of stupid mistakes. Please give us an early Thanksgiving gift and get rid of Reid and then run over the Redskins next week.



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