Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles' 27-6 loss at Arizona.

It's halftime; how do you adjust for being smaller and slower?

These Cardinals are good. They are going to be 10-2 in their last 12, including dominating us last season as well. Watch out, 49ers. These guys are for real.

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Kevin Kolb in the Super Bowl?


Ocean City

Awful! That describes the play-calling by the coaching staff of the Eagles.

You don't run the ball in the first half, and when you are down 17, you pull out the run plays.

And then what's worse than the play-calling? Watching Andy Reid repeat again this season how he did a terrible job of preparing for this week's game.

If there is a bright side to this game, it was that the defense had some great plays.

Unfortunately next week's game may be worse when the New York Football Giants visit the Linc.



What a great game plan.

Pass the ball 80 percent of the time in the first half and get your QB pounded over and over. Run the ball 60 percent of the time in the second half when you're losing by 24.

Brilliant, Andy and Marty Mornhinweg.

Let's face it: They were pretty fortunate to be 2-0 and now this beat-down.

I'm still not sure how good or bad this team really is.




Hmmm, let's see. Turnovers, bad quarterback play and once again, horrendous play-calling.

Does anybody still think this team is viable?



Only a masochist would care to watch the second half of this game.

How much bashing can the human body take?

Well, let's ask Michael Vick when he is discharged from the hospital.

It's going to be a long season, Eagles fans, as I'm sure you know after watching this shellacking by the Cardinals.


Egg Harbor Township

Kevin Kolb answered the question: Should we have let him go?

It is penance watching the Birds play.



Looks like Andy held on to the wrong quarterback!

Vick said Philly could be a dynasty? A dynasty of what? Hot air? Best thing is that this year, the Iggle fans can't gravitate to the Phillies after every Iggles loss like they have the past few years.




There is still a lot of football to be played this season and the Eagles are 2-1, but hopefully today's debacle marks the beginning of the end of Reid's tenure with the Eagles.



One word to sum up Sunday's game: Pathetic.

Kevin Kolb gets his sweet revenge, and justly so.



Reid needs to address the celebrations being made when a tackle is made when trailing by 20 points with three minutes left in the third quarter.

Hold them for Feb. 3, 2013.


Mays Landing

First question: When does the game start?

Wow, what an awful start, and the finish was par for the course.

It is Brian Dawkins Week and those Giants are coming. Let's all hope for a better performance.



This has to be the worst game the Eagles have ever played. Turnovers resulting in points, Vick on the ground throughout the game. The whole first half, nothing but passes. Gimme a break.

I still say that Vick is too small.They might have had a better chance letting Nick Foles play the second half. They won the first two games despite Vick's play.



Ouch! We got our butts kicked. What else can I say? Our line is not that good right now that Vick can stand back there and look the field over. You've got to get rid of the ball. Good for Kevin Kolb - he got his revenge.



Tough to watch a team get so humiliated. Lack of protection for Vick, unable to stop either Kolb or Ryan Williams, fumbles and penalties, and Larry Fitzgerald broke our backs. Were they looking ahead to the Giants? We'll find out next week what they're made of.


Town Bank

Let's recap the Eagles' game plan against Arizona: Get the ball. Smash Michael Vick. Turnover. Critical penalty. Smash Vick. Turnover. Let Fitzgerald run wild. Smash Vick some more. Turn it over again. Another penalty. Let Ryan Williams run wild. Only score six points. Let Kolb get his revenge. Listen to Andy say, "We have to fix that."

An embarrassing loss. I can't stand it.


Beesleys Point

How amazing was it to watch Kolb show up the Eagles, Reid and Vick? Our team was outcoached from the start of the game till the end, and the turnovers are just too much.

I really feel that it going to be difficult to win a Super Bowl with this coaching staff and quarterback. Had the real officials worked this game it would have been more lopsided than it was. Fitzgerald ran all over our safeties and corners, and Vick handles the ball like a loaf of bread. And let's not forget the poor tackling by our defense!

Vick is just too small to keep taking these beatings (more than 20 hits) and the coach passed the entire first half and with no sense of urgency ran the ball in the second half. How much longer is Jeffrey Laurie going to let this poor coaching happen? Two field goals is not going to win many games in the NFL!

One thing Vick learned was Kolb knows to slide feet first and looks like the better QB.



I don't like Vick as a QB. He reminds me of Allen Iverson - tremendous athletic ability, willing to leave his whole body and heart on the court but is totally undisciplined in running an offense.

Like Iverson, Vick can run up the individual stats but does not make the rest of the team play better, and like Iverson, he's a turnover waiting to happen.

I don't think the Eagles will ever get to the Super Bowl with him as QB.


Sea Isle City

This was the "snap back to reality" game that we knew was coming. All of the Eagles' flaws and weaknesses were exposed today -in hi-def, no less.

But it really just magnifies the importance of next Sunday's showdown with the Giants.

Everybody seems to be bailing out on Vick. I'm saying "Stick with Vick". He'll get better. I hope.


Galloway Township

And the hits just keep on coming. The Eagles' offensive line is totally incompetent and the offensive line coach should be fired. Vick got the brakes beat off of him today and like the last three marquee quarterbacks for Philadelphia he will probably suffer a career-abbreviating injury that will keep him off the field for an extensive period of time.

And again, no answer for Larry Fitzgerald.


Egg Harbor Township

Revenge is sweet, Mr. Kolb. Enjoy it. You deserve it after the way the Eagles treated you.

And if you could possibly recommend some offensive coaches who know how to make halftime adjustments, we Eagle fans would appreciate it.



During this game, both the Eagles and I suffered some severe hiccups.

However, unlike the Eagles, I recovered from mine. If you have a case that needs to be cured, watch a replay of this contest. It ought to scare the condition out of you (I don't recommend holding your breath until the Eagles score a TD).

Truth be told, the wealthy secondary has been ordinary. Normally, when a person gets burned as badly as Nnamdi Asomugha, they're hospitalized. Speaking of requiring medical care, Vick is being battered like he's a fried-fish fillet. Now, he's aching; how long before he's breaking?



Dear Kevin Kolb,

The Eagles may be interested in a quarterback that doesn't commit so many turnovers.

Please come back. And can you please bring the real officials with you?



OMG! Michael Vick (dumb), Andy Reid (dumber).

Vick is all over the field, holding onto the ball. BAM! Sacked, still holding onto the ball. WHOOPS! Loose ball! This on top of stupid mistakes, penalties, bad clock and timeout management, rotten coaching, (offense and defense).

The unbeaten Eagles got their posteriors handed to them on a silver platter. I'm sure Kevin Kolb is glad he is no longer an Eagle!

"e-vick-t" Michael and get "Reid" of Andy! Excuse me now while I try to remove my fist from my TV!

Go, Cedar Creek!



In a game in which the Cardinals dominated the entire time, it's a wonder the Eagles managed to get the six points. The worst part was the fact that Vick was hit so many times, which says a lot about the offensive line. I counted at least 20 hits, which included sacks. Where was the offensive line?

The Eagles' defense was not playing up to its ability. It's only one game, so let's hope they improve before the season is over.


North Cape May

Too many stupid penalties, letting them get to Vick and the ref not calling roughing-the-quarterback when Vick went down when he didn't have the ball.

We have to stop the fumbles if we want to beat the Giants next week



It was just a terrible football performance from the Eagles. They were totally unprepared for the game.

The offensive line was terrible and the turnovers caught up to them. It just seemed like the Eagles were lost from the beginning.

Much work to do before next Sunday night's game vs. the Super Bowl champs.


Mays Landing

I was actually optimistic after the first two weeks. We won ugly, but we won, and I thought maybe this was a different team. Boy, was I wrong.

Where to begin ? The play-calling was dreadful. An injured offensive line vs. a great defensive line in a loud, domed stadium? Yeah, let's take a lot of seven-step drops.

The defense looked as confused as it was last year under the great Juan Castillo. Getting torched by Kevin Kolb is hilariously bad. Adjustments ? Nah. Over-rated.

Oh, and our QB: He's 32 years old and he seems to get dumber every year. Never recognizes a blitz, holds the ball forever, is always careless with the ball and makes decisions that a 10-year-old would not make.

I can already hear Andy - "I need to do a better job getting my team ready to play."

Really? What gave you that idea?



The Eagles' game plan: Let our $100 million QB heave it up to our $50 million receiver and hope he catches it. The last play of the first half proves once again that Reid's tenure has to end. Kick the field goal, take the goose egg off the board and give your team some hope. Find ways to use Shady McCoy and bring back the days when Brian Westbrook electrified the stadium.


Atlantic City

OK, Eagles fans, no time to hit the panic button yet. Our big game will be coming up this Sunday night against the New York Football Giants. Who will come out and top with their third win of the season? Will it be the Super Bowl-champion Giants or the new-look Philadelphia Eagles? This fan says Eagles will make a major statement on Sunday night. Eagles 31, Giants 28! Eagles go to 3-1!

It's a long season. Don't give up yet, Eagles fans. We will get this thing done. Super Bowl, baby!


West Wildwood

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