Eagles fans decorate a Christmas tree as they tailgate before Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Associated Press photo by Michael Perez

Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles' 27-20 loss to the Washington Redskins.

What's green and falls easily in winter? It's not a Christmas tree; it's the Eagles.

An encore of Week 14's late-game heroics was too much to ask for, even though Jeremy Maclin was open again in the end zone. However, the pass was shorter than one of Santa's elves, which is fitting since this team is ho-ho-hopeless.

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Michael Vick's preseason prediction that the Eagles would form a dynasty was about as accurate as the Mayans' prophecy that the world would end. Maybe by "dynasty" he meant the 1980s soap opera, in which case he'd be correct because plenty of drama played out. A penalty to end the game was the latest exasperating example.



End of the Andy Reid Era. Always remember where we were before he got here. He is a class individual. We will always need to remember where he took the Eagles.

Time to move on.

Thanks, Andy.


Galloway Township


Nice effort in a meaningless game. Where was this team all season? Too bad they didn't get a fair chance to win the game at the end.

Oh, well, just another reason to hate Ed Hochuli, the muscle-bound jerk. Why didn't Andy challenge that last call. Oh, well, at least that's the end of Reid.

Thus ends a disappointing season's home games, and once again it's "wait till next year;"


Egg Harbor Township

I can't wait for this season to be OVER! It is painful to watch the Eagles and more painful to be an Eagles fan!

I almost feel sorry for Andy Reid.

Wait. What? Did I say that out loud? Oh, well.

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas!



Well, at least it was an exciting finish. Certainly the Eagles had two shots at tying the game but just could not pull it out.

As usual, though, penalties, turnovers and the defense's inability to tackle all contributed to the loss. Nick Foles played fairly well but holds the ball entirely too long. He has to learn to get rid of it before he gets killed.

It was good to see LeSean McCoy come back and have a decent game. One more game left, so let's see if we can at least ruin the Giants' season.


Beesleys Point

This game epitomizes Reid's career with the Eagles: good team effort but another loss. The Eagles couldn't close the deal in the red zone. With better time management, ball protection and offensive calls, the Eagles should have won.


Sea Isle City

The Eagles played well. A lot of fight in them. It shows they didn't quit.

Why use all your timeouts on short runs? Go to the end zone.

This was a game they should have won after RG3 threw the interception instead of milking the clock. A rookie mistake, but the Birds didn't take advantage.



Well, they lost, but they did make it exciting. Glad to see this season coming to an end next week.

I can't stand the Cowboys, so I guess that leaves me with the Giants and the Redskins. Foles looks like he will be OK next year.

Merry Christmas, everybody.



A great opening drive and a very exciting second half topped off with a crazy finish.

It is so nice to see McCoy back in there. With Bryce Brown, the Eagles could have the best running back tandem in the league. Foles' lack of mobility concerns me.

For some reason, I'm more excited about the Phillies' recent acquisitions than I am about the Eagles getting better.


Galloway Township

Close but no cigar as the Redskins win with better offense, defense and coaching. So what else could be expected?

Unfortunately, Reid could not play defense as that's where the Eagles needed help today. Extra tackling drills are a must in 2013!

Andy has served Philly well as a coach but without delivering the big prize will forever be criticized. Goodbye, Big Red! I have a feeling, however, you'll be patrolling the sidelines against us sometime down the road.


Egg Harbor Township

It has been a long season for the Eagles and us fans. Each week, I am there watching and hoping for a win, but for too many weeks a loss has come.

It is time for everyone to move forward and hope next season will be the year the Eagles regain the form that has put them in a winning position. It is not just Andy but the whole team that has let us down, and change is necessary.

Jeffrey Lurie, make the move. As an Eagles fan of 30 years, I have.



The Eagles' defense makes every quarterback look like a superstar. Our team has no personality. Our defense has done a 180. Opponents used to fear playing us, but now they look forward to facing us.



People wonder why I rip the Eagles. Michael Vick's preseason prediction was "a dynasty."

NFL magazine issue the second reason: LeSean McCoy said the 2012 Eagles could possibly go "undefeated." This team continually talks unbelievably cocky smack, and the amazing thing to me is the supposedly " knowledgeable fans " falling for the bragging year after year!

Knowledgeable? You're kidding me, right?



I have a lot of respect for Reid. He made the Eagles a winner for many years after they were losers and a joke year after year. But all good things come to an end and it's time for Andy to go to another team.

Hopefully, we will get a new coach who will lead us back to respectability and the playoffs. Mistakes and turnovers again today made this team look like a not-ready-for-prime-time team. The Redskins looked much better then we did, even with a quarterback who was injured and unable to run, which is a big part of his game.

Foles, the jury is still out. He's no RG3.



Here it is again, the end of the third quarter and down by two touchdowns. No defense.

Good luck next year, Andy, wherever you are.




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