Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles' 24-23 win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Just win, baby. Despite the turnovers and the hits Michael Vick is taking, the Eagles got the win. This was a nasty, hard-hitting game. How long will Vick last with the offensive line injuries and the pounding he is absorbing?

Its a long season, but 2-0 looks good so far.

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South Egg Harbor

Shaky start! Shaky finish! How much longer can Andy (I Am the Walrus) Reid get away with these kind of games? The games are just going to get tougher, and Vick is only human.

How much punishment can he take?

I'm to the point now that I can barely watch! It's getting to be like pro basketball - watch the last three minutes and you've seen the whole game!

Next week, who knows?



The Eagles played a great game. Both teams played well enough to win except for the turnovers

Our team came up big. The offense and defense came together for the first time in a long time. When you can beat the Ravens by one point, you did the job.

Wow - 2-0! Not bad. Go, Eagles!


Surf City

Unbelievable, awesome, indescribably wonderful! The Eagles swoop up on the Ravens! The Birds of prey are back, baby! Could this be an undefeated season? Stay tuned!


West Wildwood

This was a super game. Well played! A great game for a Sunday afternoon.

Say what you want non-Eagle fans, but this one will be in the highlights. Turnovers, big plays, big hits, record-setting field goals, pushing and fighting - that's football with an Eagles win. See you next week, baby!


Rio Grande

Horrible game. Time to get this lockout of the NFL officials over with today! The game was almost 40 minutes longer than it should have been.

It is nice to be 2-0. Let's keep it going and hopefully the injuries are not severe.



Again, it took the defense to pull the offense to a one-point win, this time against a Super Bowl-caliber team.

But, it took the defense to keep the Ravens out of field-goal range at the end. Maybe all the flak about the defensive coordinator being outclassed last year will be put to rest.


Town Bank

Our Eagles should've run on the Democratic slate. You want a first down, here's a penalty. You want to get back in the game, here's a fumble. You want to take control of the game, here's an interception. Only an official's review of a forward pass prevented them from gift-wrapping this game to the Ravens.

Thank God for instant replay!


Atlantic City


Truthfully, I did not think the Eagles could pull it off. The Eagles are far from being a well-oiled machine, not looking like a playoff team and definitely not a Super Bowl contender, but they did more than just defeat the Ravens. They are starting to believe in themselves.

You might note David Weinberg's pick was Ravens 24, Eagles 21. He came close.

Congratulations, Eagles!


North Cape May

All this winning at the wire is as gripping and dramatic as "The Wire."

There's a thin line between hero and zero in the NFL - thinner than Michael Vick's torso - and the QB is slickly stepping on the superior side of it, so as the clock reaches zero, he's been the hero.

Still, saving the day is a special skill; it shouldn't be necessary every Sunday.



A much better performance by the offense today, but still a heart-attack game with far too many costly turnovers. They should have won this game by more than a point. The defense is shaping up to be a formidable opponent and again was the reason for this victory.

Vick played better but continued to make poor decisions and remains inconsistent. He also is taking way too many hits. However, they did make the plays when needed and showed resilience. Past teams would have lost both these games.

And was it just me or was Dan Dierdorf completely slanted towards the Ravens? Was he born in Baltimore?


Beesleys Point

Great weekend! Saturday the Utes beat BYU and Sunday the Eagles outlast the Ravens. Vick comes through in the end. Great Eagles "D. "

But how can they forget about Ray Rice? Two times.

Oh, and the replacement refs stink.



Once again it was Vick and a come-from-behind drive. The Eagles' defense is back! A great, physical football game. They still need to stop turning the ball over so much on the other side of the field.

All in all, 2-0 is 2-0. Still room for improvement, but the 2012 Eagles have proved they have some heart and fight in them. E-A-G-L-E-S !


Mays Landing

They got lucky. How good could this team be if they stop the turnovers? Nine turnovers in two weeks, two close wins over teams they could have blown out, and that's saying something against the Ravens.

I still wish they had a better offensive line.

Vick will be lucky to make it through the season. and is it me or do these replacement refs not know how to run the clock? Between the two-minute warning and the touchdown, only 5 seconds came off the clock?


Egg Harbor Township

It's hard to look past the miscues on both sides and say that both teams played their best. But I can't help but think we witnessed one of the most entertaining and hard-fought games of the NFL season so far.

The Eagles have officially been branded as turnover prone. They were one offensive lineman injury away from throwing Ed Rendell a helmet.

I'm sure the media and fans are going to have a lot to talk about this week, mainly how the Eagles can't keep playing with turnover fire. In the meantime, the bottom line is the Eagles are 2-0. They are finding ways to win games when it matters most.

For all the promises they made about not repeating the mistakes of last season and for all the lessons they claimed to have learned, at least they've proven they've learned the most important ones.


Mays Landing

Wow! What a game. Back to back one-point victories. This should make for one exciting season for Eagle fans.

Watching Vick is such a nerve-wracking experience, but it adds to the excitement of every game. The refs are finally starting to call roughing-the-passer penalties.

Hey, whenever you can pull out a victory after giving up four turnovers against a quality team like the Ravens, things are looking very positive for the Eagles.


Galloway Township

I was nervous that the Cleveland game was a preview of the remainder of the season. And after four more turnovers in this game, it sure looked like it.

But despite all the fumbles and interceptions, they won again! I can't explain it, can you?



Does anyone know when we can have the real officials back? Can we really throw a bean bag on the play? How about a front line for No. 7? Is that possible?

What was possible was winning a home opener. We'll be glad to put this one in the win column. Don't say S***r B**l. Just don't say it!



This is a team searching for an identity, and they better find it quick. They looked bad winning against a team that's young and they looked bad winning against a veteran team.

Is clutch considered bringing your team back after handing it away? Not in my mind.

They played well in spurts but not for four quarters. Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy played well, and Vick is getting brutalized each week. Everybody else? Not so.much.

The way this team is going, every week is no gimme. Nine turnovers in two weeks and two wins. That's different.



My comments at halftime:

I don't think we need to see the next 14 games to see how this is going to turn out. The 2012 Eagles are an undisciplined, mistake-prone football team. They can't get out of their own way, committing turnover after turnover, penalty after penalty, fight after fight.

While Andy says he will correct the mistakes, he will not; he can't. No way this team gets into the playoffs. Time for Andy to join Donovan on a football TV show.

My comments at the end of the game:

You're the BEST, Andy! We're going all the way!


Sea Isle City

An ugly but hard-fought victory over a tough Ravens team. After watching the Birds two weeks running, I predict they will make the playoffs. However, Vick most likely will not be out of the hospital by then to help them advance.

When are the real refs coming back, by the way?


Egg Harbor Township

I have to admit that I was legitimately surprised about the outcome of this game. A decently played game defensively but still somewhat shaky offensively. Hopefully, the Birds will continue to work out these kinks, especially the turnovers and other ill-disciplined mistakes, in the coming weeks.


Egg Harbor Township

A win is a win. Let's try not to turn it over next week.



TPI - turnovers, penalties, and injuries. Vick should be aching all over like a toothache considering he was knocked down nearly every down.

This was an ugly win and a costly one. But for the third time in two games, the Eagles managed to score within the last two minutes of a quarter, bailing themselves out of another subpar performance.


Egg Harbor Township

That's what I'm talking about - a big win at the end of the game with everything on the line. I have got to give it to Vick this week after another last-minute drive to win the game. It was not pretty early, but they hung in there and we are 2-0 without having played our best football yet.



Madonna entertained me, the Atlantic City Seafood Festival fed me and the Eagles thrilled me. That's a winning weekend trifecta in my book.



It wasn't pretty, but it's a win. If Reid decided not to go three-and-out at the end of the first half, then you would have not had the last drive to win the game. Celek had a huge game and the defense kept the Eagles in the game. Each week brings some improvement. Let's see how they play vs. the Cardinals.



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