MILLVILLE - Sue and Doug Karisko live four miles from New Jersey Motorsports Park. They didn't need to camp out in their RV to watch all the practices and minor series racing leading up to Sunday's Grand-Am Rolex series race. But they did it anyway.

"We've got all the luxuries we need here," said Doug, 54.

But the Kariskos' RV isn't tricked out with big-screen TVs or fancy furniture. The luxuries were less tangible.

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"The key to a good weekend is friends and family," said Sue, 48, whose sister, nephew and some other friends camped with them.

Most of the other campers came from farther away, but they had the same plan. There weren't many frills like the activities often present outside other sporting events.

"Just friends. Fun. Sitting around, hanging out, walking around, talking to other campers," said Paul Kennedy, 41, of Pottstown, Pa.

A lot of fans had the same idea. Dozens of RVs lined up along a fence by the main straightaway, giving those fans a front-row view of the weekend's action.

Kennedy and his friends Jack Banha and Bill Ball are members at NJMP. They brought their families for the weekend to camp out and watch the "big boys" race on their track.

"Normally we're on the other side of the fence," Kennedy said.

While they kept it somewhat simple, Kennedy and his friends did go all out when it came to barbecuing.

"I was telling these guys this morning, I think I eat better here than I do at home," said Banha, 40, of Philadelphia. "We went nuts (Saturday). We had a big pork loin. We had rib-eyes. We've got it all going on."

Banha and Kennedy brought their kids, who are all 6 or younger. Banha said his kids had the most fun of anyone, just camping out.

"When it comes time to tear down this afternoon, they're going to cry," he said.

Joe McGinley brought an older family down from Wall Township. His grandsons are grown up, but they had similar sentiments.

"Camping down here for three days is great," McGinley said. "Eating, drinking and just generally having a good time at a nice, safe facility."

The only damper was the weather. The sun made only a few brief appearances all weekend, and it rained for most of Sunday.

"The weather keeps some people away, but not everybody," said Ball, one of the track members.

The campers who toughed out the weather pointed out that it wasn't all bad.

"It makes the racing more interesting," said Kyle Whalen, 21, of Glenside, Pa.

Banha said his young kids got muddy, but "they're going to get dirty even if the weather's fine."

Even with the rain, the Kariskos didn't consider going home Sunday morning before the headlining race. It wasn't easy to explain why, but there was something about spending three straight days at the track, away from everything, that they couldn't resist.

"The best part, I just think it's relaxing," Sue Karisko said. "We like everything about it."

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