PHILADELPHIA - Darren Daulton's surgeon said the former Philadelphia Phillies All-Star catcher has successfully had two brain tumors removed.

Dr. Kevin Judy said the 51-year-old Daulton was recovering at Thomas Jefferson Hospital following a seven-hour operation Monday and is expected to be released later this week. Judy said Daulton is doing fine and doctors will monitor his cognitive skills and speech function.

Daulton will undergo radiation treatments and speech therapy. Judy said the scale level of the glioma tumor removed from Daulton's brain is still unknown. Glioma tumors are graded from one to four.

Daulton played 14½ of his 15 major league seasons in Philadelphia and was a key part of the Phillies' National League championship team in 1993. He finished his career with the 1997 World Series champion Florida Marlins.