Six-time Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb laughs during a news conference in Philadelphia on Monday.

I wonder if McNabb will be so nervous during the ceremony that he'll lose his lunch, like in the Super Bowl. He did a lot of throwing as an Eagle - for the highest total yards in team history - but I'll remember him most for throwing up, gagging when greatness was on the line.

The statistics say he's worthy of the honor, but they don't show the whole story. I'd rather see Randall Cunningham and Ron Jaworski receive that recognition.


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I do believe that Donovan is deserving of this honor. He came to play for one of the most demanding and critical markets in the entire NFL and handled himself with incredible grace. He had little to work with in the beginning, but once they supplied him a top-notch receiver in Terrell Owens in 2004, they went to the Super Bowl.

Like most Eagle fans, he would drive me crazy with those passes to receivers' feet and his gaffe when he didn't know the rules about overtime. But overall, he's meant more to this team than anyone except maybe Brian Dawkins. He and Andy Reid turned this sorry team into a perennial contender. And he deserves this honor without a doubt.


Galloway Township

The one man that can make that decision, Jeffrey Lurie, has decided Donovan was his franchise QB and declared him the greatest in Eagles history. So, sure, retire his number. He was very good in the long playoff and championship runs. On the field and by the numbers, Donovan is very deserving of the honor. ... Now, Hall of Fame?? I don't think so!


Ocean City

As an avid, rabid, rowdy, and loyal Philadelphia Eagles Fan, I think it is an absolute TRAVESTY that the Eagles' brain trust is deciding to retire No. 5. Really? Why? No Super Bowl wins, a bad attitude, major ego, and basic loser quarterback who throws up in the huddle during a Super Bowl drive where everyone's counting on him to be a leader.


West Wildwood

Difficult to withhold that ultimate honor from No. 5, Donovan McNabb, when you carefully review what he did for the franchise. If only he had finished stronger in the 2004 Super Bowl and told a mouthy T.O. to just shut up, I'd be singing his praises even more.


Egg Harbor Township

He wore an Eagles uniform for 11 years and showed up on Sundays to play, but there has never been a NFL defensive coordinator who was concerned about developing a game plan to stop McNabb.

Very average QB who padded his statistics through longevity and Andy Reid's love affair with the passing game vs. having the superior passing skills and decision-making abilities that defensive backfields fear.

Acknowledge the time and effort he gave the uniform, but please, let's keep the accolades to a minimum.



Donovan McNabb was a great QB who took us to more playoff games and the Super Bowl than any QB that I can remember for the Birds. If he was supplied better receivers like (Terrell) Owens, the outcome of some of the playoff losses may have been different.

Yes, he did throw the ball at the feet of his receivers, but he made more big plays with his arm and legs to offset the bad over his career. He played hurt in many games and he was never a fan favorite. McNabb will be more appreciated in the future for what he did then when he was playing. For sure he deserves his No. 5 retired.



I don't think (he) was the best quarterback to ever wear an Eagles uniform. He was no Van Brocklin, Thompson or even Jurgenson. He was in the same league with Jaworski and Cunningham and better that Norm Snead and the rest of them, but yes, his number should be retired.

He started more years, he has the stats, and we can only wonder what he could have accomplished with premier receivers over his entire career. I don't think he is even colose to being Hall of Fame material, however.


Egg Harbor Township

While his play often sent me over the edge, Donovan McNabb deserves to retire as an Eagle.


Egg Harbor Township

I am delighted that the Eagles are honoring Donovan in this way. He has earned this and deserves to be up there with Reggie White and the rest of the extraordinary Eagles.

I will always remember him playing hard through his injuries, never complaining.

He has taken his classiness on the field and applied it to his personal life as well. His bio will be squeaky clean because he has conducted himself with the utmost of care.

His records will stand, his number will be retired, and we will always remember the man behind that great smile.


Little Egg Harbor Township

I believe that to retire Donovan McNabb's jersey and his number is really good. He played well for the Eagles for many years. He helped make the Eagles a good team. He did well for this city and the team.


Surf City


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