Eagles fans wear paper bags over their heads during the second half of he team's 30-22 loss to the Carolina Panthers on Monday night in Philadelphia.

Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles’ 30-22 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

They will be my team tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, forever!

Through good times and bad. Fly, Eagles, fly.

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Disgraceful performance.

This season can’t end soon enough.

Not much more I can say.


Mays Landing

Boy, am I glad I sold my tickets to this game.

There are probably high-school teams that could score on this defense. This coordinator makes Juan Castillo look good.

I hope Jeffery Lurie was paying attention to all the empty seats.

When the Eagles had bad teams with bum players and went 2-12, fans still filled the stadium.

At least Andy’s successor will get a top draft pick.

Might as well lose the rest of the games this season, which should be no problem for these bums.

Tastykake should come out with a new tasty pie: the Eagle turnover.


Egg Harbor Township

Went to the game. Fans were great. Fumbles overshadowed great performances tonight.

The Eagles make good teams look great and make poor teams look good.

Well, at least there’s Holy Spirit playoff football.



The worst part of the Monday night game is that I stayed up to watch the whole game and that I am sitting here writing my reaction.

There are not enough words to say how bad this game and this team are.

Penalties, fumbles and the biggest problem — no heart.



I have been following the Eagles since 1947 (on radio). In ’47, the Eagles finished first in the NFL Eastern Division with players like Tommy Thompson, Steve Van Buren and Bosh Pritchard, coached by Greasy Neale.

I was hooked.

Since then, there have been winning seasons and losing seasons and every year all of the fans want a winning team. If you are a true fan, your loyalty should never waver, even with a losing season. Well, I am still a fan despite the fact the Eagles are at the bottom of the division.

It’s easy to be critical of the players and coaches when you are sitting at home watching the game, but what matters is that what a team really needs — HEART, lots and lots of heart, good leadership and good coaches.

The Eagles lost again tonight.

But there are still games to be played. Let’s hope the Eagles can win a few before the season ends.


North Cape May

Somebody must have put a big bowl of Vince Lombardi stuffing on Andy Reid’s Thanksgiving table because the Eagles finally discovered the running game.



I am not an Eagles fan. I am a football fan and do watch any games on TV.

I do not like the reaction of so many Eagles fans that put down their own team. They feel badly that the team is doing so poorly, but the players feel it more than the fans do.

I do not boo my home team ever, as I know I never could play as well as any pro player. I hear people saying that they think they could do better or how well they played in school.


Mays Landing

Fumbles, penalties, more fumbles and more penalties. At least it was only a preseason game — oh, wait.

Bryce Brown was a beast. Nick Foles got more experience. Oh, and did I mention three straight offsides penalties? The Eagles may actually be the worst team in football, but at least they make me laugh.

The governor is not calling. There is no pardon on its way. It’s over Andy.



Well, that makes seven losses in a row. I guess at this point it doesn’t make much difference except the more they lose, the better draft pick they get.

I just wish that Lurie would put Reid out of his misery and let him go now. After all, Andy must feel like he’s on death row hoping for the governor to commute his death sentence. It isn’t going to happen.



Well, it is official: The Eagles are the worst team in the NFC.

The rookies played the best they could, but fumbles and penalties overshadowed any good they did. The alleged veterans didn’t support them much either by allowing two early touchdowns. Hopefully, the only highlight to look forward to rest of the season is beating the evil Dallas Cowboys.


Beesleys Point

It’s official: By losing to Carolina, the Eagles have the worst record in the NFC. It’s a position they have earned.


Sea Isle City

If nothing else, we saw one gifted athlete in Carolina’s Cam Newton and perhaps a budding star in Eagles running back Bryce Brown, once he learns to hold onto the ball.

The worse tackling I’ve seen in my almost 60 years of watching Philadelphia professional football!


Egg Harbor Township

Ugh! Do I have to say more?

The players are stupid, committing stupid penalties, repeated fumbles. The coaches make dumb decisions. The quaterback can’t find a receiver. The defense can’t cover anyone or sack a QB. The players are getting injured just to get out of the game.

They are now officially the worst team in the NFC. Maybe they can play for the No. 1 pick. No heart, no brains, no courage. They need to see the Wizard of Oz.



The Eagles are a sorry, sad and unrealized team. But as Mike Gill pointed out in today’s ESPN Radio show, if you are a true fan, you cannot root against your team — it goes against nature and to do so for a better draft pick is laughable.(Tom Brady was a sixth round pick).

But this year has been even more disappointing than last. Unthinkable in Week 1. This loss marks the lowest point in a once proud football team.

With Reid, we’ve had a nice run. So close, so exciting, playoffs almost every year. But now? Time for a change. Bring in Jon Gruden or bring back Buddy Ryan, but hire a coach who can get us excited about the Eagles again — and maybe just a bit more competitive?


Galloway Township

Not many things better in life than hearing the booing at home games and listening to Iggles fans predict playoffs and Super Bowl every September or October.

Guess 11-5 or 12-4 will have to be the prediction again next year! Fly, Eagles, fly! You want Power Rankings? No. 32, baby! Worst team in football!



9:07 p.m., score 14-3 Carolina. Stadium is empty looking, boo birds are out.

Going to bed early. Deer hunting tomorrow! I’ll read about it in The Press in the morning.



With a roster ravaged by injuries, the players were unrecognizable, but the fumbling and the final result were all too familiar. The downside to relying on rookies is that they’re likely make rookie mistakes, although it wasn’t Foles with the flubs. Bryce Brown managed to make both super plays and blooper plays.

Andy Reid wasn’t rewarded for his riskiness. He tried for two too early, went for it on fourth down too early and took his timeouts too early. After a seventh straight setback, it’s not too early to talk about who will replace him.




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