The Mainland Regional High School golf team defeated Haddonfield 161-172 on Wednesday at Tavistock Country Club in a non-league match.

Mainland, which is ranked forth in The Press Elite 11, was led by Colin Roche who had a birdie and finished the day with an even-par 36.

Henry Jungels and Ryan Hodgdon both birdied as well for the Mustangs.

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At Tavistock Country Club (par 36)

M-Colin Roche 36, Henry Jungels 41, Anthony Godleski 42, Ryan Hodgdon 42.

H-Jake Klaus 35, Anthony Vandervort 43, Del Giannotti 45, Colin Setzer 49.

Birdies-Roche, Jungels, Hodgdon, Josh Krachman M; Klaus (3)..

Records-MRHS 3-3; Haddonfield 4-2.

No. 11 Wildwood Catholic 172,

Bridgeton 239

At Wild Oaks Golf (par 36)

WWC-Blake Vodges 39, Jake Ferry 42, Pat Vodges 43, Anna Pelayo 48.

B-Lalo Perez 55, Tatiana Santiago 59, Bryan Penn 60, Robert Langley 65.

Birdies-B. Vodges WWC.

Records-Wildwood Catholic 6-0, Bridgeton 0-6.

Note: Wildwood Catholic is ranked 11th in The Press Elite 11.

Oakcrest 207, Millville 183,

Egg Harbor Township 161, Oakcrest 207

At Blue Heron (par 36)

O-Lee Stabler 48, Kyle Reese 52, Neil Philip 53, Angel Rodriguez 54.

M-Zach Steelman 42, Fred Smith 43, Tyler Loteck 47, Abby Cossaboon 51.

EHT-David Young 38, Eric Dekarski 39, Greg Szrom 42, Ben Hogan 42.

Birdies-Young, Hogan EHT.

Records-EHT 5-1; Millville 4-6; Oakcrest 0-8.

Tri-County Conference

Clayton 221,

Wildwood 231

At Wildwood (par 36)

C-Derrick Foglein 51, Daemon Durham 56, Sam Scukowski 57, Mike Macho 57.

W-Joe Riccardi 52, Christian Amado 52, Roger Bruno 62, Camerino Juarez 65.

Records-Wildwood 0-7; Clayton 1-6.


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