The Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol crew of Randy Townsend and Billy Webster won the surfboat division in 50 minutes, 48 seconds at the sixth annual Barnegat Bay Challenge on Monday in Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island. Jonny Skolnick of Ship Bottom Beach Patrol won the regular paddleboard division in 54:46. Michael Barrett of Ocean Beach II took the surf-ski division in 37:10.

Ryan Oliver was first in the men’s standup paddleboard division in 51:05, and Samantha Grone won the women’s division in 1:07.48.

The five-mile race began at the 14th Street bay beach in Ship Bottom.

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Paddleboard Stock—1. Jonny Skolnick (Ship Bottom) 54:46 2. Chris Durbin (Ship Bottom) 54:49 3. Matt Sheplin (Long Beach Township) 55:59.

Surf Ski—1. Michael Barrett (Ocean Beach II) 37:10 2. Nate Humberston (Barnegat Light) 37:48 3. Dylan Runney (Ocean Beach II) 41:19.

Surf Boat—1. Randy Townsend-Billy Webster (Harvey Cedars) 50:48 2. Don Adams-Kati Lyons (Barnegat Light) 52:21 3. Jim LaMarco-Shawn Hannon (Ship Bottom) 52:39.

Standup paddleboard— Male 1. Ryan Oliver 51:05 2. Robin Degatta 53:25 3. Billy Mehl 54:18.

Standup padleboard— Female 1. Samantha Grone 1:07.48 2. Josette Lata 1:11.08.


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