The Holy Spirit High School girls varsity eight opened the season with a victory in 5 minutes, 12.83 seconds in its flight on Sunday at the second Manny Flick-Horvat Series Regatta on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.

The Holy Spirit crew consisted of stroke Amanda Reale, Tara Puhalski, Samantha Stoll, Christine Wojciechowicz, Cailin McCully, Kylie Magee, Danielle Larotonda, bow Michelle Smith and coxswain Onora Labrum.

Also winning flights were the Vineland girls varsity four, the Ocean City boys junior eight and girls junior four, and the Egg Harbor Township boys lightweight four and girls varsity four.

Latest Video

The Absegami girls varsity eight placed third in flight 2 in 5:25.26.

The Absegami boys varsity eight finished fourth in flight 2 of its division in 5:07.05.

Flick results

Girls junior four (flight 2)-1. Ocean City (Fran Kane, Kelsey Williams, Shannon Storcella, Marisa Giardina, coxswain Dana Cates) 5:36.71.

Boys junior eight (flight 1)-1. Ocean City (Nick DiMarco, Evan Nathan, Christian McDermott, Christian Baumgardner, Colin Stewart, Mike Daddi, Eric Lam, Ryan Fisher, coxswain Chase Devlin) 4:34.93.

Boys lightweight four (flight 1)-1. Egg Harbor Township (Greg Diggins, Eric Battisti, Tom Putney, Brendan McHugh, coxswain Matt Erlandson) 5:13.26.

Girls varsity four (flight 1)-1. Vineland (Aubrey Lincks, Mollie Fisher, Rachel Fay, Aria Asselta, coxswain Ana Karen Mejia) 5:41.75.

Girls varsity four (flight 3)-1. Egg Harbor Township (Emily Woods, Maddie Barbieri, Antonia Maffia, Katie Blanchard, coxswain Talya Cohen) 5:48.43; 2. Holy Spirit 5:52.28; 4. Ocean City 6:16.56.

Girls varsity eight (flight 1)-1. Holy Spirit (Amanda Reale, Tara Puhalski, Samantha Stoll, Christine Wojciechowicz, Cailin McCully, Kylie Magee, Danielle Larotonda, Michelle Smith, coxswain Onora Labrum) 5:12.83.

Girls novice eight (flight 1)-1. Haddonfield 5:34.74; 4. Holy Spirit 6:22.53.

Girls novice eight (flight 2)-1. Moorestown 5:49.40; 3. Egg Harbor Township 6:08.69.

Girls junior single-1. Hatboro Horsham 6:39.77; 2. Cedar Creek 6:47.08.

Boys junior four (flight 3)-1. Collingswood 5:19.81; 2. Egg Harbor Township 5:41.46.

Girls junior quad (flight 2)-1. Springside Chestnut Hill A 5:45.34; 2. Egg Harbor Township 5:52.30.

Girls junior eight (flight 1)-Mount St. Joseph 5:03.95; 2. Holy Spirit 5:09.44; 5. Egg Harbor Township 5:47.89.

Girls lightweight four-1. Mount St. Joseph 5:42.04; 2. Vineland 5:50.23; 3. Egg Harbor Township 5:42.04; 6. Ocean City 6:26.46.

Girls lightweight quad-1. Conestoga 5:28.77; 4. Egg Harbor Township 6:22.13.

Girls lightweight eight-1. Merion Mercy 5:05.98; 2. Holy Spirit 5:07.30; 4. Ocean City 5:31.41.

Boys lightweight eight-1. St. Joseph's Prep 4:29.94; 4. Ocean City 4:46.34.

Girls second eight (flight 1)-1. Mount St. Joseph 5:20.18; 3. Absegami 5:27.66.

Girls varsity four (flight 2)-1. Harriton 5:37.45; 2. Egg Harbor Township 5:47.97.

Boys varsity four (flight 1)-1. Father Judge 5:95.78; 3. Ocean City 5:29.77.

Boys varsity four (flight 2)-1. Radnor 5:10.37; 3. Absegami 5:48.16; 4. Ocean City 5:46.66.

Boys varsity four (flight 3)-1. Harriton A 5:05.42; 3. Egg Harbor Township 5:23.84.

Girls varsity eight (flight 2)-1. Merion Mercy 5:11.97; 3. Absegami 5:25.26.

Boys varsity eight (flight 2)-1. St. Joseph's Prep 4:37.93; 4. Absegami 5:07.05.

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