The 5.7-mile winter paddleboard race in Ventnor Heights known as Freezin For A Reason was postponed indefinitely due to safety issues.

Race director Sean Duffey postponed the race Friday afternoon due to cold water temperatures and the possibility of ice on the race course, which is the intracoastal waters of Ventnor Heights and Atlantic City. The race was scheduled for today.

"We had 77 signed up as of (Friday), and we might have had about half that many if we had held it," Duffey said. "A lot of people were coming in from a good distance away and had to cancel due to the snow."

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Freezin For A Reason is a fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims. According to Duffey, the inaugural race last January raised $10,450, with the proceeds coming from registration money, donations, sponsorships and the raffle at the after-party.

Duffey said the race will likely be rescheduled for sometime in March.

The race course goes from the Viking Rowing Club on Surrey and Calvert avenues in Ventnor Heights to Chelsea Heights in Atlantic City and back again.

Steve Dullack, of Virginia Beach, Va., a standup paddleboarder who won the race last year, was one of the entrants who contacted Duffey to say he wouldn't make it due to the snow.

"There are practically no paddleboard races anywhere around here during this time of the year, so we got a lot of entries from far away," Duffey said. "Two were from California and Arizona, and there were a couple from up north."

Holding the race in March could present some logistical problems because it's the beginning of the high school crew season. There will be a flurry of crew activity on the intracoastal water of that area. Duffey knows that well, since he's the Atlantic City High School girls crew coach.

"We might have to alter the course a little because the Viking Rowing Club will be used for crew during that time," he said.

All paddlers in the Freezin For A Reason race are required to wear wetsuits to protect them from the cold water.

The race had more than standup and prone paddlers last year. There were a few racing on surf skis and one doubles crew rowing in a Van Duyne surfboat. This year had more surf ski and doubles crew entries.

To sign up for the race online, go to Donations can be sent to:\fundraiser\freezing-4-a-reason-2014.

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