Finally! The wait is over.

After years of preparations for the world's biggest tournament, it's finally game time. The work has been done, the time has been spent, the effort has been given.

This team could not be anymore prepared than we already are. Now it's a matter of execution. A matter of teamwork. A matter of giving everything you possibly can to make a difference on the field, not only for the team, but for the United States and everyone supporting us.

After the usual team meetings, team meals, and morning goalkeeper training, it was time to hit the road for our game. As we rode up on the bus two hours early, the atmosphere was already incredible. Thousands of people welcomed us as we got off the bus and headed into the stadium.

We prepared in the locker room just as any other game. I am sure each person was feeling the nerves, but you wouldn't be able to tell with the amount of fun we were having, laughing, dancing, singing. You could tell everyone was ready to have some fun and enjoy the experience.

As we entered the field for warm-up it was one of the most unbelievable and indescribable moments of my life. The fans were cheering, the seats were filled, the pitch was prime, and then it hit me - I am at the World Cup.

The biggest soccer tournament in the world.

Every young soccer player's dream.

To represent their country on the world's biggest stage.

As the realization hit me, I stood there in awe for a second and just soaked it in. I thought to myself, "This is unreal." I came right back to reality when I realized we actually had a game to warm up for.

We ended up winning the game 2-0 on two great team goals. The air of the team after the win was just amazing, everyone was so happy, smiles, laughs, enjoyment on everyone's faces.

The win is definitely giving us a bit more confidence and is certainly the way that we wanted to start this tournament. This team is something special and something great here is brewing. I am so excited to see where this can take us.