Tricia Menz of Galloway Township and Dave Ripa of Bridgeton were The Press 200 Club leaders on the week.

Menz topped a good week of women's bowling with a 745 series Wednesday at King Pin Bowling in Egg Harbor Township. She put together games of 258, 230 and 257 in the 6:30 Express League. Menz's best score last season was 707, which earned her eighth place.

Ripa bowled a 797 Thursday at Wood Lanes in Pilesgrove Township. Competing in the Woodstown Men's League, he started with a 298 and added games of 267 and 232.

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The Top 10 lists for men and women, which rank the leading scorers of the season, begin next week.

Top scores of week


745-Tricia Menz, Galloway Township, 258, 230, 257, 6:30 Express, King Pin Bowling.

680-Mia Williams, Pine Hill, 237, 239, 204, 6:30 Express, King Pin Bowling.

672-Heather Ripa, Bridgeton, 258, 220, 194, Tuesday Mixed, Campani's Legacy Lanes.

653-Lauren Brattlie, Rosenhayn, 193, 224, 236, Loyle Ladies Of The Morning, Wood Lanes.

625-Stacy Maxwell, Galloway Township, 182, 208, 235, Cat, King Pin Bowling.


797-Dave Ripa, Bridgeton, 298, 267, 232, Woodstown Men's, Wood Lanes.

775-Bob Hartman, Bridgeton, 279, 232, 264, South Jersey Industrial, Campani's Legacy Lanes.

769-Rick Ridenour, Absecon, 269, 224, 276, 6:30 Express, King Pin Bowling.

747-Tom Braun, Cape May Court House, 256, 279, 212, Thursday Men, Mouse Trap Bowling Alley.

735-Rob Smith, Pine Hill, 225, 252, 258, Big Money, King Pin Bowling.

734-Jeff Mannering, Hammonton, 278, 241, 215, Big Money, King Pin Bowling.

731-Andrew Stewart, Galloway Township, 216, 269, 246, Big Money, King Pin Bowling.

729-Lee Paulding, Pilesgrove, 245, 227, 257, Woodstown Men's, Wood Lanes.

727-Kevin Roy, Pennsville, 244, 248, 235, Woodstown Men's, Wood Lanes.

721-Darius Bone, Mays Landing, 258, 239, 224, 6:30 Express, King Pin Bowling.

721-Joe Carson, Belleplain, 243, 252, 226, Wednesday Mixed, Mouse Trap Bowling Alley.

714-Larry Braxton, Woodstown, 235, 248, 231, Wood Lanes Mixed, Wood Lanes.

711-Howard Kieffer, Carney's Point, 279, 212, 220, Woodstown Men's, Wood Lanes.

702-Jerome Cuff, Glassboro, 224, 231, 247, Woodstown Men's, Wood Lanes.

686-Matt Swistunow, Bridgeton, 215, 218, 253, South Jersey Industrial, Campani's Legacy Lanes.

683-Jamie Messeck, Bridgeton, 210, 252, 221, Tuesday Church, Campani's Legacy Lanes.

680-Curtis Johnson, Vineland, 229, 233, 223, South Jersey Industrial, Campani's Legacy Lanes.

672-Tam Bui, Rio Grande, 234, 211, 227, 6:30 Express, King Pin Bowling.

670-Russ Hardwick, Alloway, 213, 214, 243, Woodstown Men's, Wood Lanes.

667-Howard Lloyd Jr., Pennsville, 238, 217, 212, Monday Mixers, Wood Lanes.

663-Rodolfo Herrera, Egg Harbor Township, 223, 224, 216, Woody's Almost Classic, King Pin Bowling.

655-Deano Cuff, Bridgeton, 212, 233, 210, Mannington Mills, Wood Lanes.

655-Steve Weiss, Atlantic City, 216, 210, 229, 6:30 Express, King Pin Bowling.

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