NJSGA Men's Public Links Championship Qualifier

Pete Schneiders (Harbor Pines Golf Club) shot a 2-over-par 73 in the second quailifying round to move onto the championship tournament, which will be held at Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth on July 18.

B.L. England at Green Tree

Carole Blizzard shot a 61 to win the net individual title at the Jim Deacy Trophy Tournament last week. Ginny Soto shot a 67 to place second. Maryann McComb, who sank a hole-in-one on the 15th hole, was third with a 68.

Other flights and net scores:

Flight 1- Low net: Barb Hensil, 70; Putts: Maryann McComb, 32.

Flight 2-Low net: 1. Carole Platt, 72; 2. Linda Stickney, 76; 3. Carol Rott, 78; Putts: Stickney, 34.

Flight 3-Low net: 1. Beth Wasikowski, 72; 2. Gail Davis, 72; Putts: Wasikowski, 34.

Flight 4-Low net: 1. Fran Watkins, 81; 2. Pat Van Notti, 82; Putts: Judy McElderry, 36. 9 Holers-Low net: Sally Jerdan, 38; Putts: 16.

June 26th: Flight 1-Low gross:1. Dian Shivers, 84 and putts, 31; 2. Ginny Soto, 94; Low Net:1. Lois Werner, 70 and 2. Jan Cade,70(tiebreak).

Flight 2-Low Gross:1. Linda Stickney,100; Putts: Carol Rott, 32.

Flight 3-Low Gross:1. Debbie Bolis, 103; Low net:1. Claire Moyer, 73; Putts: Anne marie Glenn, 33.

Flight 4-Low Gross: 1. Mary Ann Jones; Putts:Gloria Fernandes, 33.

Avalon Ladies Golf

Below are the results for the Bramble Tournament held on June 18:

First team-Gerry Reiff, Nancy Cunard, Marge Coach, Janet Angelo.

Second team-Deryl Naumowich, Joanne Gray, Marilyn Curley, Rita Campbell.

Blanks-Alisa Harris, Jean Doris, Bonnie Vile

Stone Harbor Women's Golf Association

Penny Ternosky won the "Mystery Nine" tournament held by Stone Harbor Women's Golf Association on Tuesday. Claire Miraglia placed second and Betty Anne Migliara third.

Claire Miraglia won the "Mutt & Jeff" tournament held by Stone Harbor on Tuesday. Vonne Geiger was second and Joanna Morrison third.

Women's "Throw Out" Tournament at Buena Vista

First-Kellie Adamucci, Hammonton, 51.

Second-Marilyn Aaron, Vineland, 57.

Third-Carol Kane, Millville, 58

Linwood Country Club WGA N.O.S.E.

First-Paula Gardner 31.

Second-Ilene Daniels 33.

Third-Carol Giordano 34.

Birdies-Myra Goldberg (10), Ilene Daniels (10), Claire Frankel (6).

OFAA Outing (Old Friends Athletic Association)

June 18th at Avalon Country Club

Low Gross:1. Dave Cistone 72, 2. Ted Decker 74, 3. Jim Faulk 76.

Low Net:1. Cistone 64, 2. Larry Kelly 66, 3. T. Decker and Bob Parkinson 69.

Leading Scores by Flight (Gross/Net): Flight A: Cistone (72/64); Flight B: L. Kelly (79/66); Flight C: Jack Nihil (85/70); Flight D: Paul Rowe (94/75).

Closest-to-the-Pin on Hole 17: Jim Riviello 13-6.

Leaders in the weekly match play: 1.Faulk 9 points, 2. Larry Maher and Cistone 8 points, 3.John Kane 7 points.

Tuesday at Avalon Country Club

Low Gross: 1. Jim Minnick 75, 2. Jack Rothwell 79.

Low Net: 1. Jack Nihill 66, 2. Bob Parkinson 68, 3. Minnick 69.

Leading Scores by Flight: (Gross/Net) Flight A: Minnick (75/69), Flight B: Jim Malloy (81/70), Flight C: Jack Nihil (81/66), Flight D: Tony Spadafora (100/74).

Closest-to-The-Pin on Hole 5: Larry Maher 12-4.

Leaders in the weekly match play competition: 1. Jim Faulk 11 points, 2. Maher 10, 3. Dave Cistone 9.

Hole in one

Jack O'Brien with a 7-iron at Hole No. 6 at The Pines at Clermont. Witnessed by Kevin Smith, Larry McNasby, Rich Brezski and Joe Foehl.

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