14th Annual Galloway Township’s Johnnie’s 5K Run in Smithville on Sunday

Male overall winner: Carlos Rodriguez, 7:15.

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Female overall winner: Carolyn Rodgers, 7:20.


Age 1-8: 1. Matthew Moliver, 8:28; 2. Justin Flood, 8:37; 3. Matthew Angelini, 9:38.

Age 9-11: 1. Duncan Bevilacqua, 9:27; 2. Carlos Rodriguez, 10:58.

Age 19-99: 1. Jeff Blough, 7:19; 2. John Rodgers 7:33; Louis Bevilacqua, 9:27.


Age 1-8: 1. Scarlett McCourt, 14:19.

Age 9-11: 1. Aryanna Rodriguez, 10:31; 2. Kristin Adirzone, 10:59; 3. Kelsie Flood, 10:59.

Age 12-14: 1. Alena Johnson, 7:38; 2. Abigail Haugen, 7:50; 3. Abbie Adirzone, 8:23.

Age 19-99: 1. Sandy Casale, 9:26; 2. Jeni Haugen, 12:11; 3. Vicki Sharp, 17:58.

South Jersey Men’s flag football

The Truth 60, Executioners 36: The Truth quarterback Jeremiah Brown threw for nine touchdowns. Andre Wright had six receptions and three touchdowns. Bobby Harrison and Thomas Hemmingway each added two touchdowns. For the Executioners, Ed Wright threw for six touchdown passes. Vic Nelson led receivers with 13 receptions and two touchdowns.

Wildwood 50, FBRD’s 30: Mike Wiedeburg passed for seven touchdowns to lead Wildwood. Shawn McAnaney, Tui Magalogo, Rich Decarlo and Dennis Dougherty all caught touchdown passes for Wildwood. FBRD’s quarterback Bobby McCormack threw five touchdown passes. James Keasler and Vincent Leggs each had two touchdowns.

American Demolition 50, Nightmares 36: American Demolition quarterback Mike Isgro threw for seven touchdowns. Steve Cook led the winning team with nine receptions and four touchdowns. Brent Woodson had five touchdown passes for Nightmares. Zach Luckett had five receptions for three touchdowns.


Hamilton Township basketball

The Hamilton Township PAL Intramural Basketball League is having final registration for the 2013 season, grades 2-8 on Wednesday. All signups will be held at the PAL Community Center, 1309 Route 50, Mays Landing from 6-8 p.m. Fees will be $40 per child. First-come, first-served limited basis, followed by a waiting list. Coaches needed. For more information visit HTPALML.ORG or call Mike Wright at 609-442-6083.


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