Fourth annual Pilgrim Paddle

Jim Swift and Steve Jones of the Margate Beach Patrol alumni crew won the fourth annual Pilgrim Paddle in Beesleys Point on Thanksgiving Day by completing the 3.5-mile course in 30 minutes.

Joe Swift and Mic Cote, also Margate City Beach Patrol alumni, finished second in 30:10.

This year's rowing race also featured a mixed-doubles division for the second year in a row, won by Wayne and Ann Mac Murray from the Upper Township Beach Patrol in 35 minutes, 54 seconds.

Top three finishers.

Doubles Row-1. Jim Swift-Steve Jones, 30:00; 2. Joe Swift -Mic Cote, 30:10; Kevin Larkin-Jim Gibbons, 30:16.

Mixed Doubles-1. Wayne Mac Murray-Ann Mac Murray, 35:54; 2. Joe LaRosa-Barbara LaRosa, 38:53; 3. Ed Schneider-Kathy Schneider, 42:41.