Sailors Chris Stone of Middletown, Brian McEwing of Cape May, Brad Young of Galloway Township and Tim Silvio of Greenwich Township in Cumberland County were division winners at Atlantic City Race Week on Sunday.

Five races were held in the ocean on Saturday and Sunday in those four classes.

Stone won the J24 division in his boat, Velocidad. McEwing, and his boat Hooligan, won the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet spinnaker class. Young and his boat Donna Marie, won the PHRF non-spinnaker A division.

Silvio won the PHRF non-spinnaker B division in Fandango.

The 36th annual event also had a race from Ocean City to Atlantic City, called a Feeder Race, on Friday.

The winners were Scott Foxman of Linwood and his boat Relentless, in the spinnaker class, and Mike Lukens of Ocean City in his boat Ibis, in the non-spinnaker division.


J24-1. Chris Stone, Volocidad; 2. John Wilsey, Panceta Doble; 3. Jarrett Lynn, Show Goat.

PHRF spinnaker-1. Brian McEwing, Hooligan; 2. Mike Perry, Bloody Hell; 3. Gerrit Schulze, Max Power.

PHRF non-spinnaker A-1. Brad Young, Donna Marie; 2. Jim Aridas, Galaxy; 3. Nick Carter, Delgatto.

PHRF non-spinnaker B-1. Tim Silvio, Fandango; 2. Dan Dagit, Gone Away; 3. Mark Connell, Sojourner.

Feeder race

Spinnaker-1. Scott Foxman, Relentless; 2. Rich Levitt, Macabee; 3. Mike Perry, Bloody Hell.

Non-spinnaker-1. Mike Lukens, Ibis; 2. Tim Silvio, Fandango; 3. Nick Carter, Delgatto.