The 36th Annual St. Pat's Boardwalk 10 Miler and 5K Run took place Sunday and attracted 723 participants. The top three female runners for the 5K were Nina Bendixen (19:37), Morgan Shick (21:14) and Julianna Catania (21:19) while the top three men were Vincent Del Conte (18:01), Thomas McLaughlin Jr. (18:26) and Blake Pappas (18:44).

Female age groups top 5K: 1-14-Olivia Shafer (24:33); 15-19-Kelly Catania (25:21); 20-29-Colleen O'Donnell (23:23); 30-39-Erin Schiavo (24:28); 40-49-Debbie McClaskey (25:09); 50-59-Carolyn Rodgers (22:45); 60-69-Maribeth Romanofsky (35:06); 70-98-N/A.

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Male age groups top 5K: 1-14-Aidan Reid (24:16); 15-19-Brett Johnson (18:47); 20-29-Paul Boardman (18:50); 30-39-Juan Guillen (21:22); 40-49-Brett Hina (20:25); 50-59-Tom Flournoy (20:38); 60-69-Thomas Campo Sr. (24:43); 70-98-Warren Taylor (25:20).

The top three female runners for the 10-mile were Patricia Heppelmann (1:06.18), Jamie Olek (1:08.23) and Stephanie Mell (1:08.41) while the top three males were David Paduani (1:01.30), Eric Schrading (1:02.58) and Matt Corcoran (1:03.30).

Female age groups top 10-mile: 1-14-N/A; 15-19-Kristine Auble (1:16.24); 20-29-Tara Mausaw (1:10.06); 30-39-Katie Corcoran (1:18.28); 40-49-Carol Kolimago (1:11.54); 50-59-Victoria Smith (1:17.21); 60-69-Mariette Ackerman (1:59.06).

Male age groups top 10-mile: 1-14-Graham Strzelecki (1:39.11); 15-19-Nicholas Savio (1:06.23); 20-29-Joseph Lucchio (1:04.59); 30-39-Joseph O'Neil (1:07.39); 40-49-John Mooney (11:12.11); 50-59-Chris Shafer (1:05.10); 60-69-Joe Link (1:15.20).


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