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Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is learning the ropes from mentor Trent Edwards

Chris O'Meara

PHILADELPHIA — Trent Edwards was so excited to watch Nick Foles’ heroics on Sunday, it was almost as if he had led the Eagles to a last-second victory.

In a way, he did.

Besides serving as a backup quarterback, Edwards has also been a mentor and friend to Foles. He even lived with the rookie for two months at the start of the season.

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“It was very exciting,” Edwards said Tuesday. “I don’t want to say I’m like a proud father, but I’ve been with him for the last six months and for it to all come together for him in one minute like that. ... I was happy, proud and a lot of other adjectives that I could use.”

The two first met before the draft, when a mutual friend introduced them when Foles was training in California. Edwards, a 29-year-old veteran in his fifth NFL season, was primarily focused on earning a job with the Eagles after being out of the league for a year. But he also roomed with Foles during training camp and still shares a hotel room with him on road trips.

In addition to helping him with the offense, both Edwards and quarterback Michael Vick have played roles in his development off the field.

“Both of them played as rookies, so I always ask them what it was like for them and how they went about their business,” Foles said Tuesday. “That’s been huge for me just to pick their brains because I want to know. I’m a rookie and I have a lot to learn from these veterans. They’ve been there and done it, so the more I can learn from them, the better.”

Foles indicated Vick always has been supporting him, even after suffering a concussion and subsequently losing the starting job to Foles.

Vick practiced Tuesday for the first time since getting hurt on Nov. 11 but must be cleared by an independent neurologist to be eligible to play. When he does return, he will be a backup to Foles, who threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Jeremy Maclin with no time remaining to beat the Buccaneers 23-21.

“There’s no awkwardness (with Vick),” Foles said. “As I’ve said before our relationship has stayed the same. I’ll always support Mike and I know he’ll always support me no matter what.”

Foles has an even closer relationship with Edwards.

Edwards now lives in his own apartment, but still sends Foles a text message every morning to wake him up and apprise him of the teams’ schedule for that day.

“I’ve been in his shoes before,” said Edwards, who was Buffalo’s third-round draft pick in 2007. “I didn’t have anything like (a mentor) when I was a rookie, so I wanted to help him as much as I could.”

Edwards has spent the last couple of days teaching Foles how to handle success.

Foles, 23, said he’s been inundated with text messages and phone calls from well-wishers ranging from former teammates at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas, and the University of Arizona to family members.

Edwards made sure Foles had an IV and took a dip in the cold tub at the NovaCare Complex on Monday morning to help his body recover for Thursday’s game against Cincinnati.

“I think Trent is a great influence for Nick,” Eagles coach Andy Reid said Tuesday. “Trent has seen a lot things and has seen the highs and lows of this game. I just think it has been a real positive for him in terms of understanding the game, not only the game schematically, but the game as a whole with all the attention and everything that comes with it.”

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