QB or not QB. That is the question.

Defense and special teams played well. Encouraging.

The drama at QB will tell the tale.

I may be dreaming, but I believe the Eagles may have more of a chance with Sudfeld. It's a huge reach — an untested rookie in the playoffs — but Foles' decision making and inability to get the ball out or get out of the way bodes ill for success against whoever visits in two weeks.

Conventional wisdom favors Foles, but I’d love to see the coach be outrageously bold and tap the rookie.

Norm Chazin


Nick Foles didn't look good again. The whole offense was awful.

This just shows how hard it is to get a good backup in the NFL. Even though they have a bye and home field all the way through, what good is it if you lose the first game they play?

They have some time to fix it. But momentum is hard to get, and they clearly lost it now.

Ed Shavelson


You've really got to give it to our backup defense. They gave the Cowboys all they could handle. Good job!

But the offense looked bad to start the game and is cause for concern. But it’s been a great season and maybe we get lucky in the playoffs.

Butch Sill


What a waste of time to look at this game. Eagles fans, you will get to see one playoff game, and let's leave it at that.

Sudfeld didn't look half bad. At least he moves around in the pocket.

I don't like to be the pessimist, but that's the way the ball bounces. Hope everybody has a happy and healthy new year.

Angela Janetta


Really, Doug? Losing to the Cowboys under any circumstance is never acceptable, let alone being shut out at home!

The Cowboys fielded their starters against the Eagles' bench bunch even though they are not going anywhere. This was a great opportunity to try some gadget plays and work on some weak areas in the cold since everyone knew the Cowboys were coming with their "A" game and the Eagles have all home-field games.

I am not happy with the decision to not compete in this game.

Sylvia W. Stewart

Egg Harbor Township

Has there ever been this boring an Eagles-Cowboy game?

The only good thing from this game is how bad the Boys looked playing against our backups. Our D looks good, but the offense is nonexistent.

At this rate, they will be one and done in playoffs, but a team that finished last in the NFC last season has won the division, not bad for a team I thought would be lucky to finish 8-8 back in August (when it was 81 not 18 degrees).

Got to wonder what might have been without all the injuries.

Tony Perry

Egg Harbor Township

Oh, boy, in Nick I don't trust.

If the coaching staff does not straighten this out, I am afraid we are going to be one and done in our quest to get to the Super Bowl.

Doug, it is time to light the fire under your team. Simple! I do not want to hear the excuse that this game was not important.

This game was far too sloppy for this point of the season. Cornerback Rasul Douglas plays off the ball way too far, and his coverage and tackling is horrific. He needs to be gone next year.

Nate Sudfeld was a pleasant surprise today, but watching this team regress each week is very upsetting.

My game ball goes to all the fans who had to sit in the cold and watch this poor excuse of a game.

Jack Verseput


The offense was anemic again, but Sudfeld didn't look half bad. The old cliché is defense wins championships, and this defense is playing really well.

Hopefully, the offense gets it together as the playoffs begin. Nice to hold Elliott to under 1000 yards, though. And no injuries.