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Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) is hit by Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware during the first half Sunday in Arlington, Texas.

LM Otero

Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles’ 38-33 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

The Eagles did two things right tonight. They ensured the fact that this will be Andy Reid’s last season as coach and they made some people very happy across the country who had them in the “33” point pools.

The two glaring things they did wrong were to completely forget how to have a pass defense and to lose to their arch-nemesis, the Dallas Cowboys.

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How does a team go downhill so fast?


Atlantic City

When three of your marquee players are out of the game and you still manage to play well in a losing cause, it seems clear that the Eagles have been playing and paying the wrong players.

Too bad the defense could not step up to the plate. Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy, the help-wanted sign has been out for a new coach. The job comes with some amazing fans. Please call Jeffrey Lurie.


Egg Harbor Township

Does anybody really even care about the rest of this season? What do we get? More fools’ gold, Jeffrey? So now instead of a top-five pick in the draft, you drop down to a top 10.

But have faith, Eagle fans: Howie Roseman will consult with his fantasy buddies and make the right pick nonetheless.



As much as I want to, I just can’t root for the Eagles to lose. I know that the more they lose, the better off they are in this lost season because of a higher draft pick. But cheer for the Cowboys? No way.

At least it was an entertaining game.



One thing about having low expectations, the team looks better that way. I actually stayed up past my bedtime to watch this entire game as it wasn’t a total blowout.

Thank you, Eagles, for keeping it exciting and showing us that there are a few players that the next coaching staff may wish to keep.

Alex Henery should make the Pro Bowl as he has done an excellent job filling David Akers’ shoes.

Andy, sorry it had to end this way, but you really have outstayed your welcome.

Thanks for the good times, but we all need a fresh start.



I thought the Eagles hate Dallas. Thirty-eight points in Philly, 38 points in Dallas. Seems to me that the Eagles really do love the Cowboys!



Finally, a competitive game —until the fourth quarter, when the Eagles reverted back to their theme of the season: turnovers, poor tackling and just plain bad decisions.

But there is hope. The Bryce Brown performance last week was no fluke. He looked even better tonight — until the fumble. Foles was much improved and looked more comfortable than before.

With a revamped coaching staff and a defensive shakeup, the Eagles just might be competitive next season. At least we shouldn’t have to endure tags like “Dream Team” and “Dynasty” going into next year.


Galloway Township

Nick Foles looked really good and Bryce Brown ran hard and, minus his game-ending fumble, was great.

Oh, and there was the defense. I told my wife I was moving my 9- and 7-year-olds to safety because if Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen can be starting safeties in the NFL, then there’s hope for our sons. Heck, maybe they could start next week as it’s impossible to be any worse than our safeties.

This defense is full of dogs. I mean barking, howling dogs. No heart, no passion and no guts.



I look forward to attending the grand opening of the Dominique Rodgers-Cromarie School of Dance because based on that goal-line performance with Dez Bryant tonight, Dominique should not be employed in an NFL defensive backfield one more minute.



Nick Foles shows what a big quarterback with nimble feet given an ounce of protection can do. Could this be the start of a new era of Philadelphia QBs? Throw in a backfield of LeSean McCoy and Bryce Brown (if he learns to hold onto the ball) and there’s some hope for the offense. The defense, however, is another story!

Nice try tonight, Eagles!


Egg Harbor Township

Another stellar performance fumbled away. Brown again! At least we are getting to see what we have in the young guys. The clock is ticking for Andy and, of course, with no timeouts.

Well, at least I;ll get to see Holy Spirit High School win another state championship.



The Eagles’ jayvee offense outplayed the Dallas defense. The Eagles only had three starters on offense with eight backups playing.

Unfortunately, the Eagles’ defense with all their starters intact could not stop the Dallas defense, continually giving up first downs on third-and-long yardage. I don’t think Dallas punted one time in the second half, scoring every time they had the ball. Todd Bowles’ secondary’s performance was awful.


Sea Isle City

Well, at least the Eagles were competitive tonight. On the bright side, Foles played well all of the game and Brown was great until he fumbled again. We are perhaps looking at the future of the team for at least next season. Might as well see what they can do right to the end. How much worse can they play than the starters did?


Beesleys Point

Nice try, Eagles. This was a do-or-die game, and the Eagles did give it all they had, but it was not enough.

A win would have boosted their confidence, but any chance of being in the playoffs was lost long before this game. The only good thing about it is the fact the Eagles’ team members still get a paycheck at the end of the day. That might help take the sting out of a losing streak.

Better luck next time.


North Cape May

Incredibly, it took Andy Reid nearing the end of his run with the Eagles to force him to finally run the ball.

What can (Bryce) Brown do for you? Almost enough to win. He strolled in for a set of scores but spoiled his spectacular stats with another fumble.

It's a reminder that, in the NFL, almost isn't good enough.

The defense must've been drowsy because it fell asleep before the game was over.

In retrospect, I wish I had, too.



They’re bums, pure and simple. They didn't even try to tackle. This is the worse secondary I've ever seen. They’re losing to sorry teams. If any of us did our job as bad as Andy, we would be unemployed.

So why isn't he? Lurie needs to bring professional football back to Philadelphia.

Was that Joe Kuharich’s ghost I saw on the sidelines?


Egg Harbor Township

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