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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz looks on from the sidelines for the final moments in the second half against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in Seattle. The Seahawks won 24-10.

John Froschauer / associated press

Readers react to the Philadelphia Eagles’ 24-10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, their first defeat since Sept. 17.

Penalties, poor passes, an untimely fumble and poor clock management combined to unglue the Eagles’ game plan.

Even the defense looked rattled.

The Eagles played a good team, and it was ugly.

Pat Duran


The Eagles played too conservatively. They have to stay with what got them here. Fourth-and-one, we usually go for it. Coaching was terrible. They came in too overconfident after beating a slew of under-.500 teams. They needed this lesson, win, lose or draw.

Rev. Joe Ganiel


This was a learning experience for Carson Wentz. It was his worst game of the season, and nothing he could do could right the ship.

We all knew this could be a tough place to play, and it turned out to be. Russell Wilson was at his best as a veteran who has played in many big games, and it showed. Carson will be that type of quarterback when he has more experience in big games. Maybe even better.

But forget about this one and move on to L.A. and regroup. One game at a time.

Butch Sill


Frustrating loss in a very winnable game. Wentz was not his usual accurate self, and it cost us at least a couple of TDs. Plus, he fumbled ball into the end zone.

But the biggest mistake was Coach Pederson not challenging an illegal lateral. The result is we’re now tied with the Vikings for the best conference record.

Ken Kryszczun

Sea Isle City

These are the teams the Eagles face in the playoffs. Always tough.

But in Wentz we trust.

John Lombardo


The Eagles played entirely too conservatively in the first half against this strong defense. Critical penalties, missed opportunities and no running game all contributed to this loss.

Much credit to Russell Wilson. He is formidable. Perhaps this loss will let them regroup and come back out aggressively against the Rams.

Bruce Holcombe

Beesleys Point

Sleepless in Seattle for three quarters, the offense woke up just as our defensive backs began napping.

Surely a wakeup call for the Birds and our talented but young QB!

Frank “Rue” Tamru

Egg Harbor Township

Well, it had to happen.

This game has been waiting to show the Eagles are not as good as we think. They should pat themselves on the back: They didn’t need any help losing this game. They did it all by themselves.

The defense forgot how to tackle, the offense didn’t know what hit it. In the first half, Wentz was throwing the ball over the receivers’ heads or at their feet. Making stupid mistakes that resulted in penalties.

This might have been the best thing to happen. Now they can get their heads out of the clouds and get back on track.

Angela Janetta


It’s games like this that make me question how legitimate this league is!

What kind of effort was that? They beat themselves in a game they should have won.

Few deep pass attempts, no screen passes, nothing to Ertz and no fourth-down attempts in the first half. They looked lost. The secondary couldn’t cover anybody. You knew they weren’t going to win out, but this was a disgrace.

The Eagle haters will come crawling out of their holes (sewers) now. Hopefully, we’ll see this team in Philly in January, and we’ll show them what the 12th man is!

Tony Perry

Egg Harbor Township

This was a very tough loss! The Eagles seemed to play not to lose rather than playing to win.

This loss will make us much stronger for the stretch run into the playoffs! We still have a great team to be proud of!

Joe Maloy

Wildwood Crest

Well, sadly it was going to happen. Better now than in the playoffs.

Facing a team of notoriety, the Eagles reverted to some old penalty habits. However, the Seahawks, one of the most penalized teams in the league, were the beneficiaries of some noncalls.

This game was a series of unfortunate events, but the playoffs are still coming to Philadelphia!

Sylvia W. Stewart

Egg Harbor Township

Well, it seems Coach Pederson had a conservative game plan for the Seahawks. Along with sloppy play, penalties and the coach asleep at the wheel, we all can see we need to get our act together for next week.

An exciting run or not, did anybody think we were going to run the board? Oh, and by the way, who is worse, Collingsworth/Michaels or Buck/Aikman when it comes to bashing the Eagles ?

Jack Verseput


Just like I thought would happen, the lowest scoring game of the year. Too many penalties.

Hope we have our act together for the Rams next week. These are teams they will face in the playoffs. Hope Doug Peterson talks to the team.

Will take 10-2.

Mike Ridgway


Ouch! That hurt.

That game was a hard one to lose, but the Eagles will just have to try harder, so get yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going.

Helen Lincoln

North Cape May

The Seahawks’ 12th man Sunday night was Tony Corrente, the head official.

I’m aware there’s a large amount of precipitation in the Pacific Northwest, but I didn’t know it could rain yellow flags in that climate.

Wentz’s fumble through the end zone signaled the end of the Eagles being in the zone. The resulting touchback was a big setback in a season with so few so far.

Members of the Legion of Boom were missing, but Seattle still proved to be the region of gloom for the Birds.

Marc Tandan


Thanks to a great Seattle defense and a questionable offensive game plan.

Carson Wentz’s MVP trophy has left town and is heading North on Interstate 95 toward New England.

Peter Haberstroh


You caught the Seahawks without two future Hall of Famers and got waxed. Not good.

The Eagles are a very good team. There is a difference between playing the Bears or Giants, compared to the Seahawks, but you should be able to beat the Seahawks’ backup secondary.

Frank Murphine III


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