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Is there anything more entertaining than an Eagles-Giants game? Always close, competitive and exciting.

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Sticking with (LeSean) McCoy in the second half showed a shift in Andy Reid’s endless enigma of offensive strategy.

In addition to their dismal showing in the red zone, the Eagles’ defense looked vulnerable too often and the special-teams coverage units were horrible.

But, hey, 3-1 feels good — even if all three wins total a grand surplus of four points.



Finally, the Eagles played up to their potential (except on kickoff coverage).

This team has been living on the edge all season. Good thing LeSean McCoy can get to the edge easily.

Cheers to Andy Reid for committing to the run in the second half.

Jeers to him for attempting to ice the kicker — when does that work at the professional level?

For once, it was the opponent making the mistake in the red zone. Zero turnovers on the stat sheet means I won’t have to count sheep in order to sleep soundly.



Defense looked great for most of the game. But their secondary is still suspect. (Michael) Vick has to make the touchdown when it matters.

Never leave Eli (Manning) with 1 minute, 49 seconds left on the clock.

He was known as the master of the comeback. There is nothing special about our special teams.



A tough, hard-hitting game that neither team deserved to lose.

In the end, the Eagles just barely pulled it out. That’s an especially good thing for them since they play at Pittsburgh next week, a very difficult place to win.



Two-minute warning!

Best game the Eagles have played, this year, on both sides of the ball — almost 200 yards rushing, no turnovers and only one sack.

Now if they can contain Manning and play a little special-team defense.

Another 35-yard runback.

Come on, defense. Did Reid actually call a timeout?

With a better leg, it would have been good. The Birds dodged a bullet.


Town Bank

Vick’s preseason is over. No TOs. Shady goes for over 100. Manning throws an interception in the end zone. Andy even wins a challenge. But do something about the kick coverage.

Andy, stop trying to ice kickers. It almost cost you the game.



In a typical NFC East battle, the Eagles found a way to get it done at the end for the third time already in the first four.

Mike Vick probably played his best and smartest game in two years and the running game was key as they wore down the Giants’ defense.

Shady showed why he is a top RB and overall a very well played game. On the road to victory.


Mays Landing

It seems the Giants always bring out the best in the Birds.

Take for example, they used a fullback in front of McCoy in the second half and what happens?

Vick doesn’t get hit and has time to throw. Fans have only been screaming for that for how long? But when did they install the “Ole” defense and special teams?



This was clearly a game each team could have (or should have) won. Andy almost outsmarted himself with that timeout.

What’s the “lesson learned” in tonight’s game?

Run the ball, Andy, run the ball when you’ve got a back like Shady McCoy.

Could also be the worst kickoff coverage by an Eagles team in many a year. Somebody up there must like us!


Egg Harbor Township

Calling it a night. Hope they win, but when you don’t score a touchdown with a half-yard to go, I have my doubts.

It will be interesting to see which team will show up next week, the losers from last week or the good ball club that showed up tonight.



It was Dawkins night. That’s all I can say.

The Eagles played like Dawkins played to the end and never gave up. Great win, Birds.



For a team with a 3-1 record, I should be excited. But they could very easily be 0-4 except for three nice, game-winning fourth-quarter drives led by Michael Vick.

The Eagles need better play-calling in the red zone or settling for FGs will cost them in future games.


Atlantic City

Eagles win. Eagles win. Our Birds are now in first place at 3-1.

Great job, “Big Red” for an awesome game plan.

Michael Vick had a close-to-flawless game, DeSean Jackson showed why he is an elite wide receiver and what can you say about Shady McCoy and an excellent game by our star running back?

The Eagles always get stronger as the season goes on, so stay tuned as it won’t be long before we start getting national attention as the team to beat in the NFC. Go Eagles.


West Wildwood

Run, run, run and then run some more.

When the Eagles stick to their guns and run the ball, they have much more success. Vick played well — no turnovers. It was Manning who threw the interception that allowed the Eagles to win. If the Eagles can play mistake-free football, it makes it much more easier to win.


South Egg Harbor

The entire Eagles team should have been wearing Kevlar because they dodged a bullet with this win.

The running was better and the hits on Michael Vick were significantly less compared to the last three games. This team still needs a line-busting running back. There were too many trips to the goal line with field goals as the end result.


Egg Harbor Township

Mike Vick gets outside the pocket and we make some great adjustments. Backs chipping the defensive ends and McCoy running the ball in the second half was on point. Both teams’ defenses were out of this world. Eagles, can we get some special team adjustments? Our defensive backs, come on, man.

But hey we did beat the Giants and that’s big. Great recovery from last week’s disappointment. That was prime-time football.


Rio Grande

A much better game than last week. No turnovers or fumbles for a change. (The Eagles are)3-1. Keep up the good work and beat the Steelers next week



The Eagles overcame Andy Reid’s late attempt to lose the game by giving the Giants a second attempt at a game-ending winning field goal.

The defense managed to come up big by stopping Eli Manning and the Giants at the end of a tough football game. Mike Vick played an error-free game and Shady McCoy ran the ball well in the second half.

The Eagles need to find a better special-teams coach. They are close to last in every category other than kicking field goals. The Giants were consistently returning kickoffs to the 35-yard line and beyond.


Sea Isle City

Exciting down to the last few seconds.

Most impressive was the fourth quarter with the Eagles’ running plays actually working. It was just luck that those two tries for a field goal did not pan out for the Giants.

Good game for the Eagles. They are starting to look like a team that wants to win. Go Eagles.


North Cape May

If the Eagles run the ball, they will make the playoffs.



The Eagles won this game by the skin of their teeth. Again. It seems like our lucky Birds somehow eked out another win despite their fourth lackluster offensive performance in four games so far this season. I would say “a win is a win,” but it seems like we won’t be going too far this season with our penalty-prone players and an underachieving offense.


Egg Harbor Township

It was a bad day for the USA golf team loosing the Ryder Cup when they only needed 4 1/2 matches out of 12 to win.

It killed me to hear their fans singing ole, ole over and over.Then the Eagles and Giants slug it out, and we look pretty good. No turnovers and we run the ball. Then Manning takes over in the fourth quarter for two TDs and I can hear the ole, oles, in my head.

Well, you know what happened. We win and I’ll sleep tonight



A typical nail-biting, drop-to-your-knees-and-scream-at-the-TV Eagles/Giants game.

It was a vast offensive improvement over the last three games with the Eagles showing some much-needed balance in the game plan. No turnovers and only a couple of costly penalties. A new problem however was the horrible kickoff coverage. An exciting win over the evil Giants and first place. I will take it.


Beesleys Point

Boy, what a game, especially for the Giants. They really helped us win that game.

Two different halves of football. Three and one sounds pretty good to me.

Go Eagles.


Surf City


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