The Mullica River out by Great Bay is not the only stretch of water with what is building into a comeback for weakfish, which were hard to find in recent years. Lower Delaware Bay and around Cape May is loaded with mostly small weakfish with a few keepers tossed in.

Jamie Budd said from Budd's Bait and Tackle in Villas that the ferry jetty along Higbee's Beach and around to the Alexander Avenue jetty in Cape May Point has weakfish with flounder and croaker.

Matt Slobodjian at Jim's Bait and Tackle in Cape May reported a lot of weakfish in Bayshore Channel just off North Cape May and Town Bank.

Budd said surfcasters are using bloodworms and night crawlers soaked in shedder oil to catch weakfish and croaker, and the action is day-long and not confined to mainly morning and evenings like in the Mullica.

The best spots on the Mullica are Deep Point and Doctors Point, and the best bait there and probably in Bayshore Channel is shedder crab