Tuesday was another nice mid-summer day for fishing.

And there are lots of little fish around. Undersize 4- to 6-inch sea bass moved into the back waters of Great Egg Harbor Inlet around the Ocean City Fishing Pier between Longport and Ocean City. Spot have been more than plentiful throughout, but thick around the new fishing piers at the Ninth Street Bridge going into Ocean City.

The inlets seem to have kingfish. The cove on the south end of Brigantine has kingfish and the locals have been picking flounder from the beach. The beach on the north end of Ocean City had some kingfish at high water on Tuesday.

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The message is: Fish for what's there for a nice day or afternoon of catching but not necessarily keeping.

Bloodworm, Fish-Bites, small pieces of cut spot and other cut bait will connect when used with small hooks.

And today is forecast to be pretty similar to Tuesday.

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