The world striped bass record held by Albert McReynolds and caught from an Atlantic City jetty in 1982 could be history, if reports of an 81.88-pound heavyweight caught in Connecticut are confirmed.

Kevin Blinkoff, editor of the Masschusetts-based On The Water magazine, said Friday the monster striped bass caught late Thursday night from a boat in Long Island Sound by Greg Myerson of Westport, Conn., was weighed and witnessed on certified scales.

Beyond that, not much has been confirmed.

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Calls to Jack's Shoreline Bait and Tackle in Westbrook, Conn., where the fish was reported to be weighed, were unanswered.

Until the challenger is confirmed and submitted, and subsequently approved by the IGFA, McReynolds' record stands. The former Atlantic City resident caught a 78-pound, 8-ounce striper on Sept. 21 and certified at then Campbell Marine in Northfield.

Blinkoff said he went to witness the catch, but Myerson and the fish had gone. The catch was reported to On the Water by Kierren Broatch, who also took a photo of the fish.

"It's been a crazy day," Blinkoff said.

Myerson was fishing in the On The Water Striper Cup tournament. He was the Cup angler of the year last year with three bass that weighed more than 60 pounds. Blinkoff said Myerson fishes just about every night during the striped bass season.

People who answered the phone at two other bait and tackle shops in Westbrook had heard rumors about the striper but knew no details.

Included among the few details that have been published include the report that Myerson may not file for International Game Fish Association world-record recognition.

"We are just waiting to see what happens next," Blinkoff said.

On The Water is a magazine based in Falmouth, Mass. It started publication in 1996 covering New England and expanded three years ago to cover New Jersey and New York.

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