Avalon Country Club

Dave Cistone had a 76 to win an Old Friends Athletic Association tournament Tuesday.

John Kane, Mike Layton and Jim Faulk had 79s, three strokes better than Joe Larkin.

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Bill Roach (66) won low net. Joe Kulak, Paul Rowe and Larry Keyser tied for second with a 68, one stroke better than Cistone and Larkin.

Leading scores by flight: (Gross/net): A — Cistone (76/69); B — Larkin (82/69); C — Keyser (84/68); D — Roach (88/68).

Weekly match play — Faulk, 31 points; Jack Rothwell, 28; Cistone, 23.

Sally Melini won low gross in a Sept. 25 tournament. Rita Campbell was second with Bunny Sheeron third. Dianne Tindall won low net, followed by Joan Caccia and Alisa Harris. Nancy Cunard won low putts.

Buena Vista Country Club

Mary Lou Heston of Hammonton had a net 33 to win a N.O.S.E Tournament (only holes that begin with one of these letters).

Arlene Cherwien of Vineland (34.5) was second with Nancy Mukai of Pittsgrove (35.5) third.

Greate Bay Country Club

The Teamsters beat Lorrimen 20½-19½ in the Ryder Truck Tournament on Friday and Saturday.

Round 3

(Teamsters on left)

Brian Kenny, 1-0 over Tom Ritter

Tom Zambetoglou, 1-0 over Bill Koelling

Steve Levine, 1-0 over Meredith Henry

Nick Corley, 1-0 over Dan Kahn

Mark Tofolo halved Mike Miklinevich

John Grant lost 1-0 to Mario Canal

Archie Struthers halved Joe Young

Chris Myers, 1-0 over Bill Rooney

Mike Ridge lost 1-0 to John Regina

Bill Goodwin, 1-0 over Dave Pashuck

Vince Scott, 1-0 over Ed Hale

Tom Innocente lost 1-0 to Steve Coates

Dough Bramndsorf lost 1-0 to Phil Juliano

Walt Mahowsky lost 1-0 to Bob Clarke

Tom Somers, 1-0 over John D’Anastasio

George Alber lost 1-0 to Lou Bloom

Tom Ericson lost 1-0 to George Reby

Warren Andrews lost 1-0 to Bill Campbell

Gus Tzaferos, 1-0 over Bob Kalan

Si Hanin lost 1-0 to Marty Breslin

Teamsters 10, Lorrimen 10

Round 1

Grant, Tofolo, 1-0 over Young, Regina

Levine, Goodwin lost 1-0 to Rooney, Henry

Myers, Innocente, 1-0 over Clarke, Hale

Scot, Mahowsky, 1-0 over Coates, Fleischman

Ridge, Somers, 1-0 over Pashuck, Campbell

Hanin, Aler, 1-0 over Bloom, Kalan

Zambetoglou, Gipp, 1-0 over Miklinevich, Canal

Tzaferos, Andrews lost 1-0 to D’Anastasio, Breslin

Corley, Kenny, 1-0 over Koelling, Kahn

D. Bramndsorf, Ericson lost 1-0 to Juliano, Ritter

Teamsters 7, Lorrimen 3

Round 2

Kenny, Tzaferos lost 1-0 to Breslin, Koelling

Zambetoglou, Hanin, 1-0 over Kalan, Miklinevich

Corely, Andrews, 1-0 over Kahn, Campbell

Levine, Ericson lost 1-0 to Fleischman, Canal

Gipp, Alterm lost 1-0 to Bloom, Henry

Tofolo, Somers halved Ritter, D’Anastasio

Mahowsky, Ridge lost 1-0 to Juliano, Young

Bramndsorf, Goodwin lost 1-0 to Clarke, Rooney

Grant, Innocente lost 1-0 to Coates, Hale

Scott, Myers, 1-0 over Regina, Pashuck

Teamsters 3 ½, Lorrimen 6 ½

Green Tree Golf Course

Eileen Susman won low gross and Jan Cade took low net in Flight 1 of a tournament Sept. 25.

Flight 2 — Low gross, Charlotte Jensen; low net, Carol Perez; Flight 3 — Low gross, Carole Anderson; low net, Lena Lang.

Bogey tournament flight winners — Cade (7), Marty Glenn (6) and Anderson(5).

Mays Landing Golf and Country Club

John Quinn won the men’s club championship. Ron Cefalone won the first flight.

Kathy Callendar won the women’s championship.

Eric Reiff won A Flight in the Ocean City Seniors Thursday League.

B Flight — Jack Zabrowski; C Flight — John Milne.

Bob Heer won low gross in Flight A of a season-ending tournament.

Flight B — Jim Hurston; Flight C — George Clements. Low net: Flight A — Dave Carter; Flight B — Rich Frankel; Flight C — Mike McPartland. Low putts: Flight A — Larry Heckler; Flight B — Larry Carnucci; Flight C — John Reis. Closest to pin: Hole 2, Frankel, 5 feet, 9 inches; Hole 8, Craig Gault, 11-10; Hole 12, Bob VanZandt, 2-0; Hole 15: Rich Kajander, 5-6.5.

Wildwood Golf and Country Club

Francey Burke and Lois Hamilton won A Flight in a Better Ball of Partners Match-Play Tournament on Wednesday.

B Flight— Corine Reynolds and Penny Blom; C Flight — Trisha Hirsch and Barbara Terenik; D Flight — Andrea Balliette and Barbara St. Clair.


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