Somers Point golfer Harry Scott, 78, is trying to play courses in 50 days. The Press has been checking in with Scdott for daily updates on his golfing odyssey.

Day: 42

City: Flagstaff, Ariz.

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Course played: Continental Country Club (6,014 yards, Par 72).

About the course: Continental was a replacement course for Scott because the course he intended to play, Lake Powell National in Page, Ariz., was closed for one day during a change in ownership. Scott said that Continental was in very good shape and featured a large amount of water hazards that he was able to avoid.

Playing partners: Scott played in a foursome with men named Jack, Jerry and Frank. Scott said that Jack and Jerry had minimal experience.

Place he started and finished the day: Scott stayed in Flagstaff on Sunday night and played at 8 a.m. at Continental on Monday. Since Flagstaff is 21/2 hours south of where he intended to play, his trip Monday increased to more than 600 miles. Scott planned to stay in Ogden, Utah, on Monday night and to play Birch Creek Golf Club in Smithfield, Utah, today.

Scott's highlights: Scott said that pars were few and far between Monday, but they did occur occasionally. He said that his round Monday was longer than he had hoped for because of the inexperience of his playing partners, who took many practice swings and missed the ball as many times as they hit it.

What's next: Scott will play Birch Creek Golf Club in Smithfield, Utah, today, and then head to Idaho. He said the trip after today's round will be much shorter and he is looking forward to catching up on some rest.

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