BRIELLE — Mark Issler of Toms River Golf Center and amateur Benjamin Smith of Little Mill shot 4-under 68s Tuesday to share the first-round lead in the 92nd New Jersey State Golf Association Open Championship.

The 26-year-old Issler, whose father, Bob, won the state Open in 1981, had five birdies and a bogey in his round on the 6,845-yard Manasquan River Golf Club.

Smith, the runner-up in last year’s New Jersey Amateur, had six birdies and a double bogey in his round, in taking a one-stroke lead over amateurs Robert E. Cronheim of Twin Brooks and Brandon Dalinka of the Ridge at Back Brook.

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David Qunn of Centerton Golf Club is tied for fifth at 2-under, opening with three birdies and a bogey.

John Appleget of Wildwood Golf and Country Club is tiedfor ninth at 1-under. He had two birdies and a bogey.

Alex Hicks of Stone Harbor Golf Club had four bogeys to finish tied for 61st at 4-over.

Sea Oaks Golf Club pro Jeff Bonicky is tied for 73rd at 5-over. He had five bogeys, a double bogey and an eagle on the par-5 520-yard 11th hole.

The field will be cut to the low 50 players and ties after the second round today.

The 54-hole tournament, which offers a $15,000 first prize to the low professional, will conclude on Thursday with the awarding of the C.W. Badenhausen Championship Trophy.

Benjamin Smith (a), Little Mill C.C. 32-36—68

Marc Issler, Toms River Golf Ctr. 33-35—68

Robert E. Cronheim (a), Twin Brooks 36-33—69

Brandon Dalinka (a), Ridge at B. Brook 34-35—69

Niall Handley (a), Essex Fells C.C. 34-36—70

David Quinn, Centerton G.C. 36-34—70

Mark Yannotta, Riehl Golf Academy 35-35—70

Matthew McKeon, Plainfield C.C. 34-36—70

John Appleget, Wildwood GCC. 36-35—71

Matthew Freitag, Hamilton Farm G.C. 34-37—71

Sam Kang, Farmstead G. & C.C. 36-35—71

Craig Smith, Trump- Bedminster 37-34—71

Dan Marino (a), Due Process Stable 35-36—71

Peter Busch, Galloping Hill G.C. 35-36—71

M. Stamberger (a), Spring Lake G.C. 35-37—72

Bill Britton, Trump-Colts Neck 35-37—72

Chris Dachisen, North Jersey C.C. 35-37—72

Frank Esposito, Brooklake C.C. 36-36—72

Bobby Gage, Forsgate C.C. 34-38—72

Craig Lindsey, Madison G.C. 37-35—72

Gregory Mergel (a), Manasquan River. 37-35—72

Stuart Greenberg (a), Ash Brook G.C. 38-34—72

Dave Laudien, Howell Park G.C. 36-36—72

David Polchinski, Bayonne G.C. 36-36—72

Greg Baker, Rockaway River C.C. 36-36—72

Jerry Wall (a), Manasquan River G.C. 34-39—73

Brian Gaffney, Rumson C.C. 36-37—73

Kevin Weyeneth, Hollywood G.C. 36-37—73

Todd Rickenbach, Roxiticus G.C. 36-37—73

Brandon Gelo, Essex Fells C.C. 37-36—73

Anthony Aloi (a), Mercer Oaks G.C. 39-35—74

Tom Gramigna (a), Tavistock C.C. 37-37—74

Rob Schaal, Tara Greens Golf Ctr. 39-35—74

Mike Burke, Montammy G.C. 38-36—74

Jakob Gerney, Trump-Philadelphia 38-36—74

Mike LaBrutto, Greenacres C.C. 38-36—74

Scott Paris, Plainfield C.C. 37-37—74

George Ancuta, Knoll C.C. 37-37—74

Charles Cai (a), Old York C.C. 39-35—74

Marc Grinberg (a), Charle.Springs G.C. 36-38—74

Brian Roth (a), Darlington G.C. 39-35—74

Brad Olson, Rumson C.C. 36-38—74

Cory Wilson (a), Panther Valley G&CC, 38-36—74

Matthew Hardy, Mendham G. & T.C. 38-36—74

Brian Komline (a), Black Oak G.C. 34-41—75

Chester Patterson (a), Fiddlers Elbow 37-38—75

Greg Farrow, Deerwood C.C. 38-37—75

Brett Jones, Trump-Bedminster 37-38—75

Paul Poandl, Bedens Brook Club 35-40—75

Steve Sieg, Navesink C.C. 37-38—75

Brent Studer, Manasquan River G.C. 36-39—75

Mike Paduano (a), Colts Neck G.C. 40-35—75

Chris.Housen (a), Manasquan River 37-38—75

Vince Ramagli, Forest Hill F.C. 36-39—75

Thomas Forte, Preakness Hills C.C. 37-38—75

Doug Walters (a), Rolling Greens G.C. 38-37—75

Lou Kubisa, Knob Hill G.C. 38-37—75

Michael DiMeglio (a), Mercer Oaks G.C. 37-38—75

Tom Hyland (a), Little Mill C.C. 38-37—75

Rich Owsik (a/r), Valley Brook G.C. 38-37—75

Allan Small (a), Fairmount C.C. 38-38—76

David Glenz, Black Oak G.C. 38-38—76

Gary Ostrega, Hyatt Hills G.C. 39-37—76

Jason Panter, White Oaks C.C. 39-37—76

Edward Whitman, Knickerbocker C.C. 39-37—76

Bryan Dougherty, Navesink C.C. 41-35—76

Nicholas Cappetti (a), Burlington C.C. 37-39—76

Alex Hicks (a), Stone Harbor G.C. 38-38—76

Jay Blumenfeld (a), Mountain Ridge 40-36—76

Brian Varsey, Rumson C.C. 39-37—76

Ethan Wall (a), Manasquan River G.C. 36-40—76

Kyle Hartlaub (a), Canoe Brook C.C. 37-39—76

Jeffrey Bonicky, Sea Oaks G.C. 40-37—77

John DiMarco, Laurel Creek C.C. 39-38—77

Damien Hamlett, New Jersey National. 41-36—77

Jim McGovern, White Beeches G&CC 37-40—77

John Tyrell, Running Deer G.C. 38-39—77

George Frake II, Little Mill C.C. 38-39—77

Kijoon K.J. Kim (a), Darlington G.C. 38-39—77

Tom Hassel (a), Metedeconk National 37-40—77

Brian Krulfeifer, Knickerbocker C.C. 40-37—77

Wes Samons (a), Weekenders G.A. 38-39—77

Patrick Fillian, Canoe Brook C.C. 38-40—78

Vincent Giunco, Manasquan River G.C. 36-42—78

Mark McCormick, Suburban G.C. 38-40—78

Ken Pridgen, Liberty National G.C. 39-39—78

DanLiebowitz (a), Shackamaxon 36-42—78

W. Bello (a), Metedeconk National 41-37—78

Charlie Edler (a), Rumson C.C. 39-39—78

Brian Cass (a), Flanders Valley G.C. 37-41—78

Peter Chang, Black Oak G.C. 40-38—78

Christopher Dymek, Navesink C.C. 40-38—78

James Famula, Raritan Golf Ctr. 40-38—78

Larry Hall, Packanack G.C. 39-39—78

Baker Maddera, Rock Spring C. 37-42—79

Jacob Stockl (a), Hyatt Hills G.C. 40-39—79

Ryan Buckley (a), High Bridge Hills 39-40—79

Kieran Purcell (a), Forest Hill F.C. 38-41—79

Josh Camitta (a), Fiddlers Elbow C.C. 40-39—79

Scott Chisholm, Plainfield C.C. 38-41—79

Michael Beyer (a), Ash Brook G.C. 38-41—79

John Lay, III (a), Tamarack G.C. 38-41—79

Derek McDonald, Echo Lake C.C. 37-42—79

K. McSorley (a), Charleston Springs 39-41—80

John Kondash, Greenbriar Oceanaire 39-41—80

Casey O'Reilly, Colonia C.C. 37-43—80

Mark DeLaura, Montammy G.C. 42-38—80

Jacob Murphy (a), Mercer Oaks G.C. 38-42—80

Kevin O'Connell (a), Spring Lake G.C. 39-41—80

Aaron Asedo (a), Hominy Hill G.C. 41-39—80

Paul Lejeune, Suburban G.C. 40-40—80

Peter Jaeckle, Baltusrol G.C. 39-41—80

Michael Kierner, Maplewood C.C. 42-38—80

Steve Zychowski (a), Mendham 40-40—80

Andy Brock, Metuchen G. & C.C. 41-39—80

Chris Kowalczyk, Montclair G.C. 39-41—80

Tom Staples, Newton C.C. 40-40—80

Frank Greco (a), Glenwood C.C. 41-40—81

Michael Lanzetta, Mansfield Golf Ctr. 41-40—81

Craig Langslet (a), Glenwood C.C. 38-44—82

Thomas Fallon (a), Colts Neck G.C. 39-44—83

Justin Clark (a), Ridgewood C.C. 41-42—83

Larry Kopp (a), Glenwood C.C. 43-41—84

Robert Housen (a), Manasquan River 40-45—85

Josh Rosen (a), Crystal Springs G.C. 43-43—86

Kevin Anderson (a), Burlington C.C. 50-46—96


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