From Press staff reports

The Egg Harbor Township High School boys cross country team won a quad meet at home Tuesday, beating Hammonton 24-31, topping Absegami 20-37 and beating Bridgeton 23-33. Hammonton defeated Absegami 22-37 and edged Bridgeton 28-29. Bridgeton beat Absegami 25-31. It was the dual-meet season opener for all the teams.

Hammonton's Lou Corgliano won the race in 15 minutes, 44 seconds. Egg Harbor Township's David Paduani, Vince Delconte and Austin Henry finished second, third and fifth, respectively.

1. Lou Corgliano H 15:44; 2. David Paduani E 16:03; 3. Vince Delconte E 16:04; 4. Daniel Do A 17:02; 5. Austin Henry E 17:11; 6. Kenny Hunter B 17:15; 7. James Brady H 17:18; 8. Kenny Woran A 17:21; 9. Darius Chandler B 17:34; 10. Ty'teel Stubbs B 17:44; 11. Alim Money 17:55; 12. Tyler Morgan H 17:57; 13. Ajatya Joshi E 17:59; 14. Ryan Grant E 18:07; 15. Mike Bush H 18:11.

Records- EHT 3-0, H 2-1, B 1-2, A 0-3.

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