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Middle Township High School's Ryan Herlihy won the race in 17 minutes, 5 seconds to lead the Panthers to the team victory at the Big Five boys cross country meet at Wildwood on Friday.

Middle Township scored 23 points, while second-place Lower Cape May Regional totaled 55 points and Cape May Tech had 73. Wildwood scored 112 points for fourth place and Wildwood Catholic had 115 for fifth.

Latest Video

Trevor Gentek was second for Wildwood in 17:24, and Middle's Mike Feraco was third in 17:37.

1. Ryan Herlihy MT 17:05; 2. Trevor Gentek WW 17:24; 3. Mike Feraco MT 17:37; 4. Christopher Robison MT 17:49; 5. Nate Sanders MT17:49; 6. Rob Acheson LCMR 17:51; 7. Dan Moses WC 18:21; 8. Vinny Deritis CMT 18:34; 9. Rob Martin LCMR 18:38; 10. Zach Peterson MT MT 18:53; 11. Josh Schneider LCMR 19:05; 12. Joshua Moore MT 19:05; 13. Pat Lynch CMT 19:46; 14. Noah Gomersall LCMR 19:51; 15. Mark Nelson LCMR 20:08.


Big Five Meet

Cape May Tech 30;

Wildwood Catholic 42;

Middle Township 65;

At Wildwood High School

1. Emily Johnson WC 21:10; 2. Katie Wallace WC 22:23; 3. Delaney Wallace WC 22:26; 4. Hannah Dietrich CMT 22:51; 5. Monica Powers CMT 23:36; 6. Johanna Defeo CMT23:49; 7. Suzanna Beteta LCMR 24:43; 8. Emily Farschon CMT 24:45; 9. Katie Barry CMT24:57; 10. Amy Depietro CMT 25:14; 11. Alyssa Paluch CMT 25:15; 12. Sydney Wheaton MT 25:29; 13. Michaela Urquart MT 25:38; 14. Maila Caminos MT 26:02; 15.

Of note-Wildwood and Lower Cape May Regional did not have enough runners to get a score.

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