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The Southern Regional High School boys cross country team beat Toms River North 19-42 and Brick Memorial 15-50 to win the Shore Conference A South title for the third straight season Thursday.

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Cody Raynor finished in first place for the Rams (7-0) in 16 minutes, 22 seconds.

Southern is fifth in The Press Elite 11.

At Southern

1. Cody Raynor SR 16:22; 2. Chu TRN 16:23; 3. Sean Howley SR 16:32; 4. Nick Nocco SR 16:34; 5. Stephen Mershon SR 16:36; 6. Joseph DiFilippo SR 16:40; 7. Gurdon TRN 16:50; 8. Evans SR 16:54; 9. David Marino SR 17:02; 10. Bermudez TRN 17:13; 11. Burrows TRN 17:14; 12. Carpena TRN 17:36; 13. Brennan TRN 17:39; 14. James Ward SR 17:42; 15. Kupfeeberg TRN 17:42..

Records- Southern 7-0, TRN 5-2, Brick Memorial 4-3.


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