Lower Cape May Regional 21,

Millville 15

Madie Gibson led the Caper Tigers with nine goals and two assists, and Ashely Hunt added eight. Emily Levin had six assists to go with one goal, and Gab McKeown made 16 saves.

Millville's Corrine Etter scored eight goals. Megan Hoffman scored three and added an assist.

Millville 9 6-15

Lower Cape May 15 6-21

Goals-Etter (8), Hoffman (3), Whitelan, Brown, Clemons, Daigle M; Gibson (9), Hunt (8), Levin, Walter, Pearson, Durbin LCM.

Goalies-McKeown (16) LCM; Vincent (11) M.

Records-Millville 10-7, Lower 9-5.