Lower Cape May Regional 15,

Oakcrest 9

Lower Cape May's Lindsay Lare scored her 200th career goal. She had a game-high eight goals. Nicole Sangillo added three for the Caper Tigers.

Summer Conover, Courtney DeFalco, Jamie Hutter and Alexis Sutley had two goals apiece for Oakcrest.

Lower Cape May Regional 7 8-15

Oakcrest 6 3-9

Goals-Lare (8), Sangillo (3), Mann , Thompson, Gibson, Hunt LCM; Conover (2), DeFalco (2), Hutter (2), Sutley (2), Mancella O.

Goalies-Devereaux (13) LCM; Richardson (13) O.

Records-LCM 11-6, Oakcrest 8-11.