Oakcrest 8,

Lower Cape May Regional 5

Oakcrest pulled another first in program history, beating Lower Cape May for the first time. It was Lower's first loss of the season.

Dom Barber, Summer Conover and Teagan Hay scored two goals each. Khadijah Coleman made a career-high 15 saves.

Madie Gibson led Lower with two goals in the loss.

Oakcrest 6 2-8

Lower Cape May 3 2-5

Goals-Barber (2), Hay (2), DeFalco, Conover (2), Sutley O; Levin, Hunt, Durbin, Gibson (2) LCM.

Goalies-Coleman (15) O; McKeown (5) LCM.

Records-Oakcrest 3-2, Lower 3-1.