Buena Regional 86,

Lower Cape May Regional 53

At Lower Township

Latest Video

100-Lizzy Sulecki LCM 13.0; 200-Sulecki LCM 26.9; 400-Quinn Bithell LCM 1:03.8; 800-Kristen Siegle B 2:35.0; 1,600-Siegle B 5:58.1; 3,200-Gina Testa B 13:06; 100 hurdles-Ally Dickson B 18.3; 400 hurdles-Bithell LCM 1:10.5; 4x400 relay-B (Lisa Testa, Gianna Cone, Dickson, Rachel Leyrer) 4:36.8; high jump-Bithell LCM 5-2; long jump-Bithell LCM 15-111/2; triple jump-Emily Leyrer 31-4; shot put-Lynn Brown B 31-2; javelin-Brown B 93-2; discus-Carrie Wunder LCM 97-2; pole vault-(tie) L. Testa B and Dickson B 7-0.

Lower Cape May Regional 102.5,

Holy Spirit 27.5

At Lower Township

100-Lizzy Sulecki LCM 13.0; 200-Sulecki LCM 26.9; 400-Asia Young HS 1:02.9; 800-Kristy Goff HS 2:41.2; 1,600-Destiny West LCM 6:06.8; 3,200-Susanna Beteta LCM 14:10; 100 hurdles-Jasmine West LCM 19.6; 400 hurdles-Bithell LCM 1:10.5; 4x400 relay-HS (Brittany Hull, Maria Baldino, Goff, Danielle Conaghy) 4:47.5; high jump-Bithell LCM 5-2; long jump-Young HS 16-51/2; triple jump-D. West LCM 30-1/4; shot put-Navaeh Ball LCM 28-0; javelin-Sulecki LCM 91-6; discus-Carrie Wunder LCM 97-2; pole vault-not held.

Records-LCM 1-1.

Of note-Bithell, a sophomore, set a Lower Cape May school record in the high jump.

Buena Regional 120,

Holy Spirit 18

At Lower Township

100-Emily Leyer BR 13.6; 200-Leyer BR 28.3; 400-Asia Young HS 1:02.9; 800-Kristin Siegle BR 2:35.0; 1,600-Siegle BR 5:58.1; 3,200-Gina Testa BR 13:06; 100 hurdles-Aly Dickson BR 18.3; 400 hurdles-Brittany Hall HS 115.5; 4x400 relay-BR (Rachel Leyer, Gianna Cone, Lisa Testa, Dickson) 436.8; high jump-R. Leyer BR 4-4; long jump-Young HS 16-5.5; triple jump-E. Leyer BR 31-4; shot put-Lynn Brown BR 31-2; javelin-Brown BR 93-2; discus-Cassidy Shepard BR 78-10; pole vault-(tie) Dickson BR, Lisa Testa HS 7-0.


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