Lacey Township 2,

Toms River East 1

at Ocean Lanes

LT: Shawn Kollmer (263 game, 658 series), Tyler Marks (212 game, 584 series); TRE:Ryan Klem (229 game, 636 series).

Records-Lacey 12-30, TRE 22-20.

Toms River South 2,

Southern Regional 1

at Ocean Lanes

TRS: Josh Swindell (210 game, 618 series); SR:Jason Lavoie (226 game, 594 series); Kyle Minissole (215 game, 540 series).

Records-TRS 18-21, Southern 10-32.


Toms River South 3,

Southern Regional 0

at Ocean Lanes

TRS: Faith Meder (210 game, 601 series); SR:Alanah Lewis (202 game, 516 series); Annie Smith (193 game).

Records-TRS 27-12, Southern 12-30.

Toms River East 3,

Lacey Township 0

at Ocean Lanes

TRE:Dominique Jenkins (200 game, 549 series) ; LT:Taylor Kollmer (233 game, 542 series); Breanna Bennett (157 game).

Records-TRE 11-31, Lacey 2-40.

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