Absegami 56,

Ocean City 21

At Cherry Hill West

Latest Video

106-Dustin Oves OC by forfeit; 113-Chris D'Alfonso A p. Jeremiah Johnson 4:15; 120-Chris Harvey A by forfeit; 126-Yanni Patsaros A p. Shane Stack :53; 132-Darnell Tenner A tf. David Laverty 23-5 (5:25); 138-Kevin Vazquez A p. Vinny Levin :41; 145-Cliff Owens OC d. Robert Mears 7-2; 152-John Willette A p. Luke Demore 1:42; 160-Andrew Gabros A p. Jeremy Grund 1:57; 170-Alvin Mears A d. Vincent Varallo 4-3; 182-Cooper Gallagher OC by forfeit; 195-David Blake A p. Ryan Richards 2:43; 220-Tiger Kirvay A p. Jeff Payne 1:24; 285-Josh Johnson OC p. Roman Rudisill 3:40.

Records-Absegami 2-2; Ocean City 1-3.

Absegami 59,

Deptford 15

106-Mitchell Wolbert D by forfeit; 113-Chris D'Alfonso A by forfeit; 120-Chris Harvey A md. Kohl Wileczek 9-1; 126-Yanni Patsaros A by medical default over Ty Kolmetsky; 132-Darnell Tenner A p. Pat Wagner :38; 138-Aaron Kolmetsky D p. Kevin Vazquez 1:26; 145-Robert Mears A md. Marcus Seeney 11-0; 152-John Willette A p. Jason Loeffler 1:58; 160-Andrew Gabros A p. Mark Ellis 1:58; 170-Ahmir Walker D d. Alvin Mears 12-5; 182-Nicholas Mille A by forfeit; 195-David Blake A p. Darius Toth 1:26; 220-Tiger Kirvay A d. Francis Weyhmill 9-4; 285-Roman Rudisill A p. Zack Nesbitt 5:44.

Records-Deptford 1-3.

Cherry Hill West 46,

Absegami 18

106-Joe Ioannucci CHW by forfeit; 113-Chris D'Alfonso A d. Nick Mohrfeld 5-3; 120-Dylan Segrest CHW p. Chris Harvey 5:02; 126-Matt Howe CHW d. Yanni Patsaros 18-13; 132-Tyler Brake CHW p. Darnell Tenner 2:43; 138-Manny Morales CHW md. Kevin Vazquez 16-7; 145-Mark Papaneri CHW p. Robert Mears 1:17; 152-John Willette A p. Alex Nieves 1:04; 160-Wallace Rorke CHW d. Andrew Gabros 7-3; 170-Tucker Patten CHW d. Alvin Mears 3-0; 182-David Blake A by injury default over Jeremy Weingerdt; 195-James Potts CHW by forfeit; 220-David Capone CHW d. Tiger Kirvay 6-3; 285-Roman Rudisill A d. Jose Valentin 3-1.

Records-Cherry Hill West 3-1.

Ocean City 55,

Deptford 24

106-Dustin Oves OC p. Mitchell Wolbert :52; 113-Jeremiah Johnson OC by forfeit; 120-Kohl Wileczek D by forfeit; 126-Ty Kolmetsky D p. Shane Stack 2:53; 132-Aaon Kolmetsky D p. David Laverty 1:45; 138-Cliff Owens OC p. James Kunkle 1:30; 145-Vinny Levin OC d. Marcus Seeney 14-7; 152-Luke Demore OC p. Jason Loeffler 3:00; *160-Jeremy Grund OC p. Mark Ellis 1:05; 170-Vincent Varallo OC by forfeit; 182-Cooper Gallagher OC md Ahmir Walker 14-3; 195-Ryan Richards OC p. Darius Toth :52; 220-Francis Weyhmill D p. Jeff Payne 3:03; 285-Josh Johnson OC by forfeit.

*Match began at 160

Cherry Hill West 55,

Ocean City 24

106-Nick Mohrfeld CHW p. Dustin Oves :50; 113-John Gibson CHW d. Jeremiah Johnson 7-2; 120-Dylan Segrest CHW by forfeit; 126-Tyler Brake CHW p. Shane Stack 1:43; 132-Connor Rogovich CHW p. David Laverty 2:15; 138-Cliff Owens OC p. Tim Gibson 5:38; 145-Mark Papaneri CHW p. Vinny Levin :56; 152-Luke Demore OC p. Alex Nieves 3:59; 160-Mike Marini CHW md. Vincent Varallo 13-4; *170-Cooper Gallagher OC p. Levin Trinidad :52; 182-Tucker Patten CHW p. Ryan Richards :59; 195-James Potts CHW by forfeit; 220-David Capone CHW p. Jeff Payne :33; 285-Josh Johnson OC p. Jose Valentin 2:30.

*Match began at 170

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