Cedar Creek 71,

St. Joseph 9

106-Dean Mazza CC tf. Evan Fallon 19-4; 113-Tyshonn Williams CC p. Eric Fallon 1:28; 120-Carlos Rivera CC won by forfeit; *126-Austen McGinnis CC p. Jimmy Coia 1:10; 132-Matt Jiampetti CC p. Alex Barbone 3:55; 138-Aaron Sullivan CC won by forfeit; 145-Eric Hanusewicz CC p. Nick Trotz 1:54; 152-Kyle Murrey CC won by forfeit; 160-Bryan Bellace CC p. Hayden Stojanov 1:31; 170-Christian LaFergola SJ d. Stacey Solomon 6-2; 182-Tom Rheault CC p. Sylvia Maione 4:18; 195-CJ Sandfort CC won by forfeit; 220-Ben Keating CC won by forfeit; 285-Roy Lucas SJ p. Chris Brown 1:13.

*Match began at this weight

Sterling 46,

St. Joseph 25;

St. Joseph 42,

Overbrook 40;

Cedar Creek 59,

Sterling 13;

Cedar Creek 59,

Overbrook 24

106-Ev. Fallon SJ (0-2);D. Mazza CC (0-2); 113-Er. Fallon SJ (2-0) won by forfeit O, d. 6-5 S;Williams (2-0) md. 16-2 S, won by forfeit O; 120-Rivera CC (1-1) p. 5:53 S; 126-Tom Suski SJ (0-2); McGinnis CC (2-0) md. 10-2 S, tf. 16-1 O; 132-Barbone SJ (1-1) won by forfeit O;Jiampetti (2-0) p. :56 S, won by forfeit O; 138-Doug Kramer SJ (2-0) p. 3:32 O, d. 14-4 S; Hanusewicz CC (2-0) p. 1:47 S, p. :54 O; 145-Trotz SJ (0-2);Solomon CC (1-1) d. 9-4 S; 152-Logan Loughlin SJ (0-1);Murrey CC (2-0) p. 2:52 S, p. :47 O; 160-Loughlin SJ (1-0) won by forfeit O, Stojanov SJ (1-0) won forfeit S; Bellace CC (2-0) won by forfeit S, O;170-Stojanov SJ (1-0) won by forfeit, LaFergola SJ (1-0) p. 1:49 S;Solomon (2-0) p. 1:43 S, won by forfeit O; 182-Rheault CC (2-0) p. :33 S, p. 2:39 O; 195-Maione SJ (0-1); Sandfort (0-2); 220-Keating CC (2-0) p. 1:19 S, p. 1:45 O; 285-Lucas SJ (2-0) p. :25 O, p. :17 S; Brown CC (1-1) p. :50 O.

Records-St. Joseph 2-19, C.C. 7-8.

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