Cumberland Regional 40,

Atlantic City 32

At Cumberland

Latest Video

106-Hector Marrero CR won by forfeit; 113-Andrew DiJoseph CR d. John Swift 1-0; 120-Nick Rio CR won by forfeit; 126-T. Vitt CR md. Oscar Canehs 12-4; 132-Derek Swanson CR p. J. Magon 3:23; 138-Joseph Roman CR p. Jonathan Perez 3:30; 145-Giancarlo Martinez AC p. Nicholas Anderson 1:59; 152-Joseph Cutugno AC p. D. Garcia 3:19; 160-Daniel Deluke CR p. Vega Ronaldo :40; 170-Cesar Balmaceda AC p. B. Canian :51; 182-Lierena Percy AC tf. Ed Williams 22-6; 195-Amaury Ortiz AC md. Elijah Gould 10-2; 220-Ruben Reynoso AC p. Robert Blume 5:27; 285-Marquay Richmond CR d. Omar Hayatt 7-2.

Records-Cumberland 2-2; A.C. 0-5

Clayton 65,

Cumberland Regional 10

At Cumberland

106-Andrew Tolbert CL p. Hector Marrero 1:59; 113-Andrew DiJoseph CU md. Randy Jacobs 13-1; 120-Jodeci Robinson CL md. Nick Rio 12-0; 126-M. Rettig CL d. T. Vitt 9-2; 132-Alan Campbell CL d. Joseph Roman 5-1; 145-Billy Millward CL p. Nicholas Anderson 1:36; 152-Steminto Rowe CL p. Daniel Deluke 1:19; 160-David Robinson CL p. Juan Chavez :55; 170-Nick Rodriguez CL p. Ed Williams 3:27; 182-Gabe Sastre CL p. B. Lanian 1:20; 195-Elijah Gould CU p. A. Byrd 5:57; 220-T. Lemeshuk CL p. Robert Blume 1:59; 285-Eric Weiss CL p. Marquay Richmond 2:50.

Records-Clayton 7-0; Cumberland 2-2.

Cumberland Regional 66,

Lindenwold 11

At Cumberland

106-Hector Marrero CR p. J. Thomas 2:27; 113-Andrew DiJoseph CR p. D. Harris-Norton 1:58; 120-Nick Rio CR p. S. Bowyle 4:33; 126-T. Vitt CR won by forfeit; 132-Derek Swanson CR won by forfeit; 138-Joseph Roman CR d. L. Carabello 7-1; 145-D. Garcia CR p. R. King :41; 152-Nicholas Anderson CR p. D. Lugo 1:43; 160-Daniel Deluke CR p. S. Daniels :36; 170-Ed Williams CR d. C. Vaughn 6-5; 182-Elijah Gould CR p. Q. Hassan 3:32; 195-T. Riley L won by forfeit; 220-J. Clark L p. Robert Blume :16; 285-Marqua y Richmond CR p. C. Coleman 4:24.

Records-Cumberland 2-2.

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